Saturday, June 28, 2014

Audra Isadora - Audra Isadora

Audra Isadora - Audra Isadora (2014) Independent
Produced by Audra Isadora
Tracks : 1.Creature of desire 2.Sparrow song 3.Babooshka 4.Green 5.Creature (remix)
4 out of 5

I guess this is how Lady Gaga wanted to sound like before she got famous and started making dance music, the title of Lady Gaga´s 3rd album is Art Pop but a real art pop album sounds just New Yorker Audra Isadora´s self titled EP.
If you make a musical soup of the vintage disco of Grace Jones, the soulpop of Eurythmics and the artrock of Kate Bush - you´ll get Audra Isadora.
What a deep and gorgeous voice she has, just listen to the lead track "Creature of desire" that has everything a hitsong needs. It´s unique, interesting and unforgettable.
You can tell she´s a fan of Kate Bush since the EP contains an awesome cover of Bush´s 1980 hit "Babooshka", great choice.
Adele and Duffy, make way for a new fantastic singer.

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