Friday, June 20, 2014

Heel - Stranger just the same

Heel - Stranger just the same (2014) Independent
Produced by Justin Hill
Tracks : 1.Stranger 2.Gone 3.We´ll fall back in love 4.Not you
3,5 out of 5

The artwork for female fronted band Heel´s 2nd EP "Stranger just the same" looks a bit homemade, but don´t let it fool you because this is well produced and infectious pop/rock.
These Londoners worked with SikTh vocalist Justin Hill and the result are 4 catchy songs that you want put on repeat, my thoughts go to bands like No Doubt, Bachelor Girl and Paramore when I listen to this EP.
The first single "Stranger" has lots of hitpotential, let´s just hope that song will help them breakthrough.
Remember Aussie pop band Bachelor Girl who had the 1998 hit "Buses and trains"? I think of Heel as a more rocking BG, they´ve got the same irresistable hooks.
Heel are on their way to fame, off you go.

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