Thursday, June 19, 2014

London´s all female rockers The Kut set to release new EP on Aug 18

Self-styled as ‘basement rock’, The Kut present a sonic collage that evokes everything that made the 1990’s alternative rock scene such a beautifully broken beast. Tying thick slabs of fuzzy guitar, drawn from the core of grunge’s bitter heart, to ethereal passages of twinkling atmospherics that pay homage to the likes of My Vitriol and early Radiohead, the London trio - completed by bassist/vocalist Alison Wood and drummer Amanda Dal - will have you double checking your pocket for Pogs and Patchouli Oil. “Were heavily influenced by the grunge scene,” grins Maha, “Bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Placebo and L7 have had a huge impact on us, as well as the Riot Grrl scene.”

Despite a nigh 4 year hiatus from writing and recording new music, The Kut have made an impressive comeback in 2014 with ‘No Trace’ - the lead single of the band’s forthcoming 5 track E.P ‘Make Up’ - out on Aug 18th.

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