Friday, June 27, 2014

Nathan Detroit - Peace of mind

Nathan Detroit - Peace of mind (2014) Saint November Records
Produced by Neil Kennedy
Tracks : 1.The way down 2.Never enough 3.I will always be a part of this world 4.Every heart
3 out of 5

Peace of mind is a great classic rock song from 1976 by Boston, but it´s also the title of U.K based rock band Nathan Detroit´s 3rd release.
I think this band has found a nice mix of emo and pop punk that bring thoughts to the early 00´s, the first single "The way down" has an infectious chorus and it´s also the best track on this 4 track EP.
However, don´t start to think the other tracks are bad because they aren´t. The feel-good factor is high when I listen to songs like "I will always be a part of this world" and "Every heart".
Good job lads.
For fans of Paper Tigers, Kid Down, Saves The Day.

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