Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nevada Rose - Paint me in light

Nevada Rose - Paint me in light (2014) Tragic Hero Records
Produced by Andrew Wade
Tracks : 1.This WiFi sucks 2.609 3.Vanity 4.Anchors for sunsets 5.Murals 6.Scars to prove 7.I was born single 8.Meet me at midnight 9.Stonybrook 10.Riot house 11.The unrest
3,5 out of 5

New Jersey rockers Nevada Rose are here to shorten the gap between electronica, hardcore, pop and metal. Their new album "Paint me in light" takes the best of both worlds with inspiration from Skrillex to The Devil Wears Prada, you will find yourself dancing in one moment just to go headbanging the next.
The band feature Nick Imperato - Vocals, Justin DiMarco - Guitar/Vocals, Adam Ellenberger - Guitar/Programming, Kyle Cleffi - Drums and Mike Batchelder - Bass.
Mark my words, this band will shake your house.
Expect to hear more about Nevada Rose on the web from now on because "Paint me in light" is just like an amusement park ride, breathtaking and entertaining.
Imagine a rave party invaded by Hells Angels bikers and you´ll get this 11 track album.
Check out the first single "Anchors for sunsets" on youtube and you will hear a band that has a license to rock!

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