Saturday, June 14, 2014

Never forget Jenna Marotta

Equally inspired by the blues, hip-hop and modern dance music, Jenna Marotta is often referred to as "the female Kid Rock." Her influences span from Janis Joplin and Billy Joel, to Kelly Clarkson and Madonna. 

It seems that Jenna's vocal chops are rivaled only by her wicked sense of humor. One minute, her audience is bearing witness to the next great soul singer then she changes up her style or cracks a joke, and bewilders them with delight. When Jenna is asked about her passions and her ambitions moving forward, she says, "There is nothing better than bringing people joy through my music. I can't wait to share my new record with the world."
Listen to the new album "Gypsy" including the first single "Never forget" here:

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