Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New song online from Starset´s debut album Transmissions

Starset is the sonic interzone where fact, science, and speculation collide. Their Razor & Tie debut, Transmissions, is a thought-provoking broadcast of cinematic rock full of epic intents, poignant thoughts, and personal nuances. Like any great piece of art, it begs more questions than it actually answers: precisely the intent of the vocalist and songwriter Dustin Bates, who formed the band in 2013 in Columbus, Ohio. Produced by Rob Graves (Red, All That Remains), and mixed by Ben Grosse (30 Seconds to Mars, Fuel), the album showcases the audio accompaniment to a tale set amongst humanity’s highest aspirations and utter ruin though songs like the current active-rock hit, “My Demons,” and the sprawling “Halo.” Bates’ voice is at once plaintive and bellicose: a rage against the machine of slashing guitars, strings, and pulsing electronics. Songs like “Carnivore” are slaked with heaviness and harmony, while the likes of “Telescope” are an unforgettably melodic slow-burn.

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