Monday, June 23, 2014

No place in heaven for 7hy

Seven Hard Years is the brainchild of former (and original) Shy drummer Alan Kelly. Very much an AOR album, with a couple of heavier tracks, written entirely, and mostly recorded by Alan himself, there are guest appearances by various muso mates. Shawn Pelata - Lead vocals (Line of Fire), Dave Martin - Lead guitar (Marshall Law), Martin Walls - Bass guitar (After Hours), Roy Davis - Bass Guitar (Shy) have all leant a hand. Son Elliot and wife Claire also play on a couple of tracks. All other instruments have been played by Alan himself. Produced, mixed and mainly recorded by Alan Kelly and Alex Cooper at Arkham Studios (part of the Madhouse complex) in Birmingham. Any fans of - Shy Journey Def Leppard Bon Jovi Brian Adams and AOR in general will love this, very much an American influenced rock album; big choruses, melodic guitars and keyboards and lots of backing vocals!
"No place in heaven" will be out on June 30.

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