Monday, June 30, 2014

Phillip Fox Band and their heartland

Ohio quartet Phillip Fox Band will soon be their debut full length album Heartland on September 2nd, they have truly carved out their own sound that is best described as ‘Country-Fried Rock N’ Roll’
From the tenacity of “I Ain’t Angry” and “Nothin’ Worse Than Weak” to the down-home feeling of “Heartland”, Phillip Fox Band have crafted an album that is full of hope, loss, love and the truth.
In early 2013, the band began pre-production for what would become their debut full length album Heartland.  Taking several off-days and setting up a mobile studio wherever they could, the band narrowed their ever growing song list down to 20 songs and performed three shows where they gave their fans the opportunity to vote on which songs they wanted to hear on the record.  “We took that feedback along with the pre-pro tracks and sat down with Joe Viers (Dr. John, Eric Clapton, Bobaflex) to talk through the project.  We had recorded the Motor City Blood EP (released in 2012) with Joe at Sonic Lounge and developed a really good rhythm.  Plus Joe has been soaking in roots rock for a long time so it was a really natural fit to bring  him on earlier in the process as more of a co-producer” says Fox. 
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