Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shortcuts : Ionia , Guano Apes , Death of an era

Ionia - Captain Humility (2014)
"Captain Humility" is the debut EP from New York City based 5 piece Ionia. They worked with producer Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday) and recorded 30 songs where the band picked three songs for this EP.
It looks like Ionia has songs enough to release a LP if they want, but it´s a smart thing to start with an EP even if I think they could´ve at least included 4-5 songs instead to get a better picture of their sound.
They deliver a mix of emo, melancholic rock and even traces of hardcore. The best track is without doubt "Delusions of grandeur" but I also dig the title track that opens the EP, however the 2nd track "They look like big strong hands, don´t they" don´t move me the same way.
Good stuff anyhow.
3 out of 5

Guano Apes - Offline (2014)
German rock band Guano Apes has sold more than 4 million records worldwide, but they have only released 5 albums in their 20 year long career.
Of some reason, I never bothered to listen to this band but I`m glad I checked out their latest album "Offline" because this is positive rock with a new wave-ish sound.
This new 10 track album sound a bit like a crossover between the Aussie rock of Noiseworks meets The Pretenders with a touch of Missing Persons.
The music feels like the sun cracking through the sky on a rainy day, I get a lot of energy from songs like "Cried all out", "Like somebody" and the new single "Close to the sun".
How can you not like this?
3,5 out of 5

Death of an era - Black bagged (2014)
After 2 EP´s, it´s time for the 3rd release from technical metallers Death of an era. Their debut full length "Black bagged" question what´s really going on behind the closed doors of the government´s ivory tower.
The new album is produced by Kevin Lankford who also did a great job on their previous EP "The great commonwealth", which I enjoyed quite a lot.
The sound is huge but still force through the speakers with a lot of power, you can´t blame ´em for the lack of heaviness here. The riffs are Godzilla size and I welcome the symphonic approach in "We the people" and "Tyrannicide", very cool.
Somehow I expected more even though there are some great songs like "Home", "Commoner" and "Prescription poison".
Solid it is, but "The great commonwealth" is better.
3 out of 5

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