Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tamar Haviv praised by Paul McCartney

Quirky singer-songwriter, Tamar Haviv has officially announced the release of her debut album You and Me Without Pajamas, set to drop on July 29th! With a refreshing range of heartfelt ballads, fun pop tunes and tales of love and longing, the album features various notable musicians such as Jerry Marotta (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls), Sara Lee (The B-52's, Ani DiFranco) and Kevin Salem (Rachael Yamagata, Mandy Moore).

You and Me Without Pajamas blends Tamar's lively demeanor with her more sensitive side. Tracks like "Pining" impress with sweeping piano and whispered vocals while the playful "Girls Away from Girls" even had Paul McCartney singing along. Dubbing You and Me Without Pajamas a "Terrific debut!," the former Beatle isn't the only one impressed with Tamar's music. A major influence on Tamar, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls praises her music as well, calling her release "Excellent." "Both Amy Ray's music and intentions have taught me loads. Her voice just carries me," Tamar says. "She is a strong person and takes a stand behind important political & human rights movements.Through my experience as her audience member I've also come to realize how much of a mentor an artist can be and when their intentions are for the betterment of all. It's a true gift." 
The album is praised as a terrific debut by Sir Paul McCartney

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