Friday, June 20, 2014

The Morning Is For Sleeping - EP

The Morning Is For Sleeping - EP (2014) This is core Records
Produced by The Morning Is For Sleeping
Tracks : 1.Lady Coca 2.All I want 3.Last man standing 4.May 5.Cancer 6.She´s the poison 7.Scars 8.Halfway home
2 out of 5

The Italian band The Morning Is For Sleeping formed in 2011 and started working on their first EP right away, they have mainly taken their influences from the post hardcore genre but I also hear traces of punkrock and even heavy metal.
I think they have some good ideas and the performance is ok, but the production feels a bit lowbudget and a few songs tend to soundalike.
They´ve got some work to do if they want to shape up but let´s focus on the positive things here, their singer Marco Bergo is really good and I do like songs like "Last man standing" and "Halfway home".
It can only get better from here.

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