Thursday, June 12, 2014

Villainettes - Villainettes

Villainettes - Villainettes (2014) Independent
Produced by Paul Annison
Tracks : 1.Dark clouds 2.Death Notice 3.Diamonds
3 out of 5

Formed in 2013, the Melbourne based quartet Villainettes worked with producer Paul "Woody" Annison on their debut EP and soon to begin working on their first album.
They are influenced by bands like Joy Division, The Stone Roses and The Horrors. We get a triple dose of post-punk and new wave-like indie rock here, the first single "Diamonds" sounds like The Killers taking the noise-rock lane with a really charming chorus.
"Dark clouds" could be the result of a collaboration between David Bowie and The Cure, it´s like it was 1984 all over again.
My favorite however is "Death Notice" that starts like a psychedelic big bang just to open like a flower in spring, did they find this lovely song in the lost archives of Suede´s unreleased material?
A promising start for this Aussie band.

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