Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hard Riot - The Blackened Heart

Hard Riot - The Blackened Heart (2014) Pitch Black Records
Produced by Hard Riot
Tracks : 1.Blackout 2.Suicide blues 3.Devils BBQ 4.The end 5.Count on me 6.Not alone 7.The enemy within 8.Dirty games 9.Last goodbye 10.High society bitch 11.Hit the ground
2,5 out of 5

The German hard rock band Hard Riot debuted with "Living on a fast lane" in 2012 but the first album I get to hear with Hard Riot is their new album "The blackened heart".
I´m not sure what to make of this musical soup of 80´s hard rock and modern rock, they most often sound like a mix between Nickelback and Scorpions but the band gets in a country rock mood in "Devils BBQ". That song feels rather misplaced here.
The Corrs meets Takida in the poor ballad "Last goodbye" and I bet Chad Kroeger might have a few words to say about the melody in "High society bitch".
There are some decent hard rock songs like the explosive opener "Blackout" (no it´s not a Scorpions cover), the melodic "Not alone" and "Dirty games" with a good chorus.
But many of the other tracks are rather average and built on lots of cliches, so these guys won´t make a riot in my heart.

David Rosales release new video of Too young to know better

Singer-songwriter David Rosales has teamed up with The Boot to premiere his new video "Too Young to Know Better" today! "Too Young to Know Better" is the visual counterpart to a track that originally released off of Rosales' EPAlong The Way on June 17th. Reminiscent of artists such as Ryan AdamsAmos Lee, and Brett Dennen, Rosales shakes things up with a broad sonic palate rooted in American folk, blues and country. Watch "Too Young to Know Better" here:

Pullman Standard aiming for the airwaves with new single If and when

Pullman Standard is a five-piece rock group created by singer/songwriter Timothy Daniels in the summer of 2007. Daniels' ambition was to push forward with a new creative outlook on his own musical abilities, which broke ground for the burlesque infused rock sound and performance that the band performs today.
Although they are based out of Southern California, they have been spending more time out on the road since the release of their first full-length album Steam Powered Hearts in July 2012. They have logged over 200 shows in the past two years, independently booking tours and crisscrossing the United States. Having been recognized by famed producer Don Was, working with Lady Gaga producer and discover Wendy Starland, and participating in several competitions the band is ready for the rest of the world to know they exist.

Watch the video of "If and when", from their upcoming album "Edge of the clouds", out Sept 1st.

Caramel Carmela release new single TIll death do us party

Caramel Carmela is an electronic/post-hardcore band that formed in Denver, CO. in 2010. During that time, they completed their debut, full-length album, “Ominous Walrus” with producer James Egbert (Blood On The Dance Floor, Kill Paradise) and their music began to catch on as fans came in droves, giving them the ammunition to expand beyond their local audience to include touring the southwest and midwest regions. Their natural progression led them to their follow-up EP, titled “Skinny Jeans, Fat Bass” which was written with the help of new guitarist Kyle Browning of Denver metal band, ‘Drop Dead, Gorgeous’.
In January of 2014, Caramel Carmela toured the Midwest on the way to record their second full-length album, titled “Till Death Do Us Party” with producer, Matt Dalton at 37 Studios. (Joey Sturgis, Ma$e, Emmure, I See Stars) The band plans to release “Till Death Do Us Party” in the Summer of 2014 and will begin touring in support of the record.

Listen to the new single here:

Classic rock from Greece, here´s Hush n Rush

Hush´n´Rush are a classic rock band from Greece, for fans of 70´s rock. Their new album "Dogs and vultures" is available here:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Alchemy Index release debut single

"A bitter township" is the debut single from ambient progressive rock band The Alchemy Index.
Palace of Rock present a truly promising band here:

Indie rockers Her Majesty celebrate the release of their new single Crystals

Discrete moments in time and space inspire the gaze of JP, lead singer of the NYC indie rock band, herMajesty. “Crystals,” the band’s new single slated for release on July 30th, 2014, is a tender glance into the inner world of its central character. Its generous, passionate and magical spirit is conveyed through the imagery of the lyrics, seductive keyboard lines, lush orchestral arrangements and exotic male and female vocals.
Listen to "Crystals" here:

Kadawatha on stage in Stockholm on Aug 6th

Caught in the act : Kadawatha on stage at Göta Källare, Stockholm on Aug 6th.
Their debut album "World of Hypocrisy" is out now.

Queen Live at the Rainbow 1974 deluxe box set

Sunday March 31st 1974 is a landmark date in the history of rock music. It is now celebrated in the release of a rare recording made at legendary London venue The Rainbow, of a concert by the then up-and-coming band called Queen. 
"Live at the Rainbow" deluxe box set will be released on Sept 9th.
Super Deluxe Box - Limited edition Super Deluxe lidded boxed set package containing: 

1) Two CDs, one CD featuring the March show and the second CD featuring the November show 
2) A DVD/SD Blu-Ray of the November show with four “bonus” tracks from March 
3) A 60 page hardback book containing lots of previously unseen photographs, and (among other items), reproductions of reviews and features from the time. 
4) Reproductions of Brian May’s parents’ tickets from the March concert 
5) A reproduction of the tour itinerary folder for the March concert from promoter Mel Bush, including a letter instructing the band not to trash the hotel room or there will be dire consequences! 
6) A reproduction of the 8 page show tour program 
7) Two button badges – reproductions of items available at the concert 
8) A reproduction of the purple and gold March concert poster 
9) A reproduction of a fashion shoot in The Telegraph Magazine, featuring the band with fashion models. 
10) A reproduction of the sticker stage pass from the March concert

The songs "Keep yourself alive" and "Stone cold crazy" are available on iTunes.

We Are The Riot you fxxking cunts

Los Angeles based hard rock band We Are The Riot with their new singer Jimmy Trigger, check out their brand new single "It´s not what you wanted" here:

Air Swell from Japan blend electro rock and grunge

Air Swell are an electro-rock-grunge trio from Japan, their new album "All lead tracks" is available now.
Listen to the new single "Savage" here:

Drawcard post new song from upcoming EP

Drawcard are a rock/punk band from Sunshine Coast, Australia. Their debut album was mixed by Sylvia Massy (TOOL, Red Hot Chili Peppers, COG) in California and is distributed nationally in the U.S. and Canada with SONY Red.
Listen to their new single "Kids", from the forthcoming EP here:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don´t forget Zuzu Angel

Since forming in 2011, Zuzu Angel have been hard at work wowing audiences in Melbourne and Sydney with their catchy rock ‘n’ roll and energetic live performances. Set to release their brand new single Don’t Forget My Name, the band is excited to share the first taste off their debut album.
Zuzu Angel has played with legendary, Midnight Oil guitarist Jim Moginie; supported Icehouse on their national tour; sold out shows at The Tote and The John Curtin; and regularly rocked the very foundations of venues such as Yah Yah’s, The Old Bar and The Espy Gershwin Room in Melbourne, and The Sandringham Hotel, Beach Road Hotel and Rock Lily in Sydney, to name a few. International recognition has inevitably followed, with the band invited to Thailand to play Silverlake Music Festival 2014 alongside Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age. Zuzu Angel’s mantra is “all the way to Wembley”. Each gig brings them one step closer.
Listen to "Don´t forget my name" here:

Aussie rockers The Hungry Mile go over oceans

The debut EP "Oceans' from The Hungry Mile offers an example of melodic progressive rock tinged with 90's grunge that fans of the band have come to appreciate. It is a culmination of the last three and a half years of writing songs and performing together. It exemplifies the well crafted, passionate and honest delivery that The Hungry Mile are known for live.

Threshold release single from the upcoming album For the journey

Progmetallers Threshold will release their new album "For the journey" in September, the first single "Watchtower on the moon" is out now.
Listen here:

Put your money on The Struts

Finally! After too many years of waiting, a rock & roll band have arrived with the flamboyance, the style and, yes, the strut to match their unstoppable tunes. When was the last time a band wanted to be this glamorous, and insistent that only the stadiums will do for their music?
In Luke Spiller The Struts are blessed with a frontman who, to quote his own neat summary: “I was born to do this. And I’ll die doing it.” Not for Luke the prissy “If anyone else likes it, it’s a bonus” talk of a generation of cautious bands who have second-guessed rock & roll into the margins.

The Struts new album "Everybody wants" is released today, check out the new video of "Put your money on me" here:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hydra Effect - The Movement

Hydra Effect - The Movement (2014) Independent
Produced by Justin Rimer
Tracks : 1.Bleed 2.Not today 3.Stand up 4.Unbreakable
3 out of 5

Step right into the corporate rock machine and get a dose of numetal and modern hard rock for the active rock chart, "The movement" is the debut EP from Memphis based 5 piece Hydra Effect.
My thoughts go directly to bands like P.O.D, Pillar and Saliva when I listen to these 4 songs. Sometimes I wonder if the band was offered a couple of songs for a WWE soundtrack, check out "Stand up" or "Unbreakable" and you´ll understand what I´m talking about.
Hydra Effect has a bit to go before we can count their music as classic but it´s good, play it loud works for me. Yeah I´m pleased.

Hit me! Fit For Rivals are back

Florida based Fit For Rivals first single 'HIT ME' coming out AUGUST 5TH off their impending 2nd album on Big 3/Sony records!
Their debut album "Steady damage" is out now.
Get a preview of the song here:

Just Jinjer return with first single in five years

South African modern rock band Just Jinjer are back with their first single in 5 years, "Bright light" will be out on Aug 8th. Get a sneak peek here:

Deluka - Bonds

Deluka - Bonds (2014) Vel Records
Produced by Tim Pagnotta
Tracks : 1.Home 2.Dead of night 3.American skies 4.The only ones 5.Blackout
3,5 out of 5

Deluka are a female fronted British electro pop band, now located in Los Angeles. Guitarist Kris Kovacs is the main songwriter and by his right side is the fab Ellie Innocenti that looks like she could be the daughter of Chrissie Hynde.
The band debuted with the album "Broken sleeping patterns" in 2008 and followed up with "You are the night" in 2010, this year Deluka will spread their love for 80´s new wave with the brand new "Bonds" EP featuring the awesome single "Home".
This sounds like a wetdream for fans of Kim Wilde, The Pretenders and Blondie.
The infectious "American skies" is made for the dance floor, lots of hitpotential there.

Andy Bull with a dose of synthpop from down under

Synthpop from down under, here´s Andy Bull with his new album "Sea of approval", released on July 11th.
Check out the new single "Talk too much" here:

The Color Morale release new video of Suicide, stigma

Post hardcore band The Color Morale will release their new album "Hold on pain ends" on Sept 2nd.
Here´s the new video of "Suicide, stigma" from the upcoming album.

What´s going on with Glowin´ Shadow?

Glowin´ Shadow are an alternative rock band from Paris, France. Their new album "Ghosts, fools and fakes" is available now.
Check out the new single "What´s going on" here:

Driver Friendly stand so tall

When Driver Friendly first met in high school in North Houston, Texas their friendship quickly turned from hanging out after school to writing songs in a garage and playing shows around their hometown. As the band gained momentum and a loyal fan base around the area, they took a huge step and moved to Austin, TX- the live music capital of the world- to continue pursuing their dream.
Their brand new album "Unimagined bridges" is out now, check out the video of "Stand so tall" here:

Driver Friendly - Stand So Tall (feat. Dan Campbell) (Official Music Video) from Hopeless Records on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The never ending story of Alive In Standby

Alive In Standby are a rock band from Detroit, their debut full length "Never ending" will be out on July 29th. Listen to their new single "Not aware" here:

Paper Pilots give you a free ride

In the grandest tradition of pop, Paper Pilots' sound is intently familiar. Sitting somewhere between the worlds of contemporary indie pop and 60's British rock music, Los Angeles arrival Justin David Bocchieri sets forth to revive classic songwriting by way of lush, grandiose arrangements and illustrated by lyrical waxing worthy of dialogue banter between Ringo & Marc Bolan during Born To Boogie.
Listen to their new song "Free ride", from the forthcoming EP here:

Join Customs to the market

Customs are a cool powerpop band from Belgium, check out their song "Hole in the market" from their latest album "The market" below.
I´m thinking....The Cars.

Nomy release new album Psychopath

Nomy is born and raised in Sweden, Ulricehamn with Croatian and German roots but now lives in Jönköping. In his early years, Nomy began with techno/trance/chipmod among other genres and put it all together in the assembly program Fastracker 2. More and more, Nomy began to use his voice as an instrument and started after a while to create music with inspiration from Bad Religion, Lag Wagon, Dia Psalma and NoFx but also from aggressive genres such as Fear factory and Guano apes. In the beginning Nomy also played in a band but achived greater deeds on his own.
Today Nomy finds his inspiration from bands like HIM, In Flames, Danko Jones and life in general.
Nomy´s new album "Psychopath" is out now, stream the album on Spotify or check out the video of "I love you Diane".

Nations Afire will break your fall

Nations Afire is a four piece band from southern California, formed in early 2009, that features current and former members of some of the most influential punk and hardcore bands from the past decade. Guitarist Chris Chasse has an impressive resume that includes a tenure with Rise Against (Siren Song of the Counter Culture ‘04 and The Sufferer & the Witness ’06). Bassist Brett Rasmussen and guitarist/vocalist Nik Hill are both long standing members of the Orange County hardcore outfit Ignite and drummer Todd Hennig was the percussive force behind Death By Stereo for three albums.
Watch the video of "Break your fall", taken from their debut album "The ghosts we will become" here:

Hearts and Hands with new song from upcoming EP

Salt Lake City based post hardcore band Hearts and Hands are currrently working on their 3rd release.
Check out the new song "Get what you give" here:

Living Dead Lights post new video of Follow

After a successful release of their 2010 Dead Edition EP, and a successful, European tour in 2011, multi-cultural rockers Living Deäd Lights announce the worldwide release of their debut full album, Black Letters (GB Sound Label), due out January 27, 2014.
Living Dead Lights posted their new video of "Follow", from their latest album "Black letters" here:


Shortcuts : A Mouth Full Of Matches , Invent Animate , I Am Giant

A Mouth Full Of Matches - Smoke signals (2014)
This is not the last time you get to hear about Manchester based A Mouth Full Of Matches, I´m pretty sure this band will only become bigger and bigger for each release.
They debuted with the "Tasting fire" EP in 2013 and now follow up with the 4 track EP "Smoke signals" in September, are you ready for some anthemic rock in the same vein as Young Guns, Mallory Knox and I Divide?
The new single "Danger high" might seem a bit average at first but the song has a secret weapon, a mighty strong chorus that won´t leave your head for weeks.
Get them as a support act to let say Biffy Clyro and the fanbase will grow like the beanstalk in Jack the giant slayer. My favorite track is "Wait for me", not really supercatchy but with a very original chorus.
My bet however for the next single is the pumping rocker "Young blood", a wall of harmony vocals in the chorus lifts the song to new heights.
3,5 out of 5

Invent, Animate - Everchanger (2014)
Texas is home for Invent, Animate. A band with a sound between metalcore and post hardcore, at first I thought their new album "Everchanger" was nothing special but the second time around I discovered the beauty of clean guitars on top of the megaheavy riffs.
This is without doubt a solid 10 track album where the highlights are "Naturehold", "Forest haven" and "Eventide".
Great guitarists too, the guitarmelody in "Nocturne, lost faith" sounds like it could´ve been performed by Steve Vai.
Also available : Waves EP (2012)
For fans of Sylar, Northlane, In Dying Arms.
3 out of 5

I Am Giant - Science and survival (2014)
Hello music lovers, are you tired of looking for that special album that you hope to discover but never find? Well, the answer to your prayers is here with the 2nd album from the New Zealand/British band I Am Giant.
This quartet deliver powerful rock on their new album with a unique mix of alternative modern rock and new wave-ish electro dance rhythms. Imagine RA meets Masonia with a touch of Simple Minds and you´ll get the 13 track album "Science and survival".
Former Blindspott drummer Shelton Woolright knew exactly what he was doing when he formed the new band I Am Giant and debuted with "The horrifying truth" in 2011.
Lots of favorite songs here but right now I have "Transmission", "Death of you" and "Razor wire reality" on heavy rotation.
4 out of 5

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Colony House show you their silhouettes

Colony House are a three piece indie rock band from Franklin, Tennessee. Their new album "When I was younger" is available now.
Listen to the first single "Silhouettes" here:

Crown The Empire release new video of Machines

Dallas based rock/metal band Crown The Empire´s new album "The Resistance : Rise of the runaways" is out now, check out the new video of "Machines" below.

Deluka will take you home

Deluka have big dreams and an even bigger sound. The indie synth band, originally from Birmingham, England and currently living in Los Angeles, are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated EP, BONDS. Recently completed with acclaimed producer Tim Pagnotta (Neon Trees), BONDS preserves the band’s artful tapestry of pop, electro, and rock, while embracing an unbridled and uplifting newfound spirit. The anthemic lead single “Home” is a prime example of how the band’s buzzing synths entwine with soaring guitars and singer Ellie Innocenti’s captivating voice — the perfect introduction to the next phase of Deluka.
Deluka´s new "Bonds" Ep is available on iTunes, check out the video of "Home" taken from the EP.

Blue Stahli announce new album The Devil Chapter 02

The sole member of Blue Stahli, Bret, comes from a background of fetish burlesque troupes, drag queen fronted punk bands and believes that he is visited in his dreams by the ghost of William S. Burroughs. 
In addition to writing and performing Blue Stahli, he is also the other touring member of the Celldweller live show. During live performances, he is frequently given to fits of spastic energy while abusing guitars, making loud angry noises on synths, and punishing a tricked out tribal drum set like he caught it breaking into his house. Celldweller mastermind, Klayton, dons the producer role of Blue Stahli (and thus keeping Bret from accidentally lighting himself on fire).
Blue Stahli´s "The Devil : Chapter 02" will be out on July 29th, listen to the new song "Ready aim fire" here:

Polarheart release video of their heartfelt single Paralyse

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Mary Rose and Chris Chidiac are Polarheart. Having played alongside each other in previous projects, the duo began writing together in early 2013. They found a strong chemistry, and a year later Polarheart was born. Their combination of dreamy vocals and abstract soundscapes make for a captivating listening experience. Drawing on a range of musical influences with classical training in common, and a love for pop and electronica, Polarheart continue to explore new sounds and unique ways to convey relatable messages through their music.
Polarheart have just released the new video for their lush and heartfelt single, "Paralyse". The song embodies the Polarheart sound, minimalist soundscapes, layered vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. It describes the paralytic love you experience that makes it impossible to move on. It captures the feeling of having lost everything and being left stranded and alone.

You In Colour give away new EP track for free

You In Colour is a young and enthusiastic 5 piece alternative rock band from Newcastle, NSW.

Their debut 4 track EP Changing Seasons, released in late 2013 was met with a wide reception in their hometown as well as over 3000 collective views on Youtube.
Their new "Wanderground" EP is coming soon, get a free download of the new song "Focus" from the upcoming EP here:

The honest truth and nothing but the truth from Just Like Clockwork

Veterans of the Adelaide punk music scene, JUST LIKE CLOCKWORK return in 2014 with their highly anticipated extended play HONEST TRUTH. 

The follow up to 2012’s MAKE & BELIEVE, Honest Truth sees the band’s sound maturing into something much more unique and all together more satisfying. The soaring vocal melodies and intricate lead guitars are still there, but they’re offset by gentler interludes allowing the listener time to breathe before once again being swept up in the superbly crafted wall of sound that is Just Like Clockwork.
Listen or buy "Honest truth" here:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Shortcuts : Swampboots , Field Mouse , The Body Politic

Swampboots - Space and time / Pickup on 95th street (2014)
The Brooklyn based trio Swampboots has released a two track single where the sound can be described as indie rock influenced punk, the production is a bit rough and almost grungy.
While I´m not equally impressed by "Space and time", the more rocking "Pickup on 95th street" is really good. The guitar sound bring thoughts to Neil Young´s "Rocking in the free world".
For fans of Living Things, Iggy Pop, INVSN
2,5 out of 5

Field Mouse - Hold still life (2014)
"Hold still life" is the first full length album from the female fronted Field Mouse, although it´s not the first release because there are several singles available on bandcamp including "Tomorrow is yesterday" from 2013 that is featured on this 12 track album.
If you´re a fan of fuzz driven dreamlike indie pop like Dinosaur Jr meets Lykke Li, then you should absolutely listen to "Hold still life".
I only care for a few songs like "Two ships", "Reina" and "Bright lights".
This wasn´t my cup of tea.
2 out of 5

The Body Politic - Egressor (2014)
The Canadian band The Body Politic got their name from a Clive Barker story, among their influences we find Periphery and Bring Me The Horizon.
They deliver progressive modern metal with both screamo and clean vocals, the music is melodic at times but also quite technical and rather heavy when they´re in the mood.
The 6 track "Egressor" EP is the follow up to the 2011 album "All too human" and I find some songs very entertaining like "All hands", "Colqhoun" and "Swing for the fences", the EP is well performed and I give an A for the production.
The only thing that stands against them is the fact that their sound is hardly unique, TBP need much stronger songs to stand out.
3 out of 5

Never A Hero release new single Hollow

Never A Hero are an alternative metal band based in the UK. The band formed in 2009 when members from 2 bands merged together to write new music diverting from their usual styles. 
At the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, the band performed on 2 tours of the UK and in the Spring of 2012, they started work on their debut album. The album was recorded at Monkey Puzzle House studios in Woolpit and was released in November 2012. The first single from the album Bleed Between The Lies, was Burning Skies, which was released on the 2nd July followed by Screams of Silence, released in December. 
Their new single "Hollow" will be out on July 28th.