Monday, July 14, 2014

Jeff Larson - Close circle

Jeff Larson - Close circle (2014) NCompass Music
Produced by Jeff Larson / Hank Linderman / Jeff Pevar
Tracks : 1.Rescue 2.Following the echoes 3.Every hour on the hour 4.Even when the rain comes 5.Goodbye ocean street beaches 6.Rain soaked cloud 7.Always the mystery 8.How long running 9.Arizona again 10.The lay of the land
3,5 out of 5

Jeff Larson´s California pop feels like a warm summer breeze to your face, I really did enjoy his 2012 album "The world over" and I´m pleased to say the new album "Close circle" continues in the same lovely direction.
The production is polished, slick and perfect for any fan of west coast music. I think Jeff has written a set of even stronger songs on "Close circle". The music keeps me in a firm grip from the beautiful opener "Rescue" to the heartfelt "The lay on the land" that closes this enchanting album.
There´s not a single cloud on the sunny skies of Jeff Larson´s new album, except track 6 that feature Dewey Bunnell on backing vocals from the legendary band America.
Well, that sort of rain soaked cloud is just as welcome as the summer sun.

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