Saturday, July 19, 2014

Monsterworks - Overhaul

Monsterworks - Overhaul (2014) Eat Lead And Die Music
Produced by Lewis Childs
Tracks : 1.Educate the masses 2.To do what must be done 3.Overhaul 4.Trial of the sentinent 5.Penultimate 6.Resolution
2,5 out of 5

You can´t blame Monsterworks for being lazy, since the debut album "Dormant" in 1998, the band has released 13 albums including "Overhaul".
Get Axl Rose in the band and it will take another 13 years before the next album is done.
They´re quite creative but I have only heard the 2006 album "The precautionary principle" before that only received 2 stars from me at, the band wanted to take on a crossover of black metal and classic heavy metal in that album with a mixed result.
This New Zealand based band is now located in London where they recorded their latest album "Overhaul", their black metal side comes in small doses and instead we get a blend of stoner rock, 80´s heavy metal and progressive thrash metal.
Imagine Trouble meets Enochian Theory with a touch of Entombed and you´ll get "Overhaul". This is a step in the right direction for Monsterworks, the best tracks are "To do what must be done" and "Resolution".

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