Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Put your money on The Struts

Finally! After too many years of waiting, a rock & roll band have arrived with the flamboyance, the style and, yes, the strut to match their unstoppable tunes. When was the last time a band wanted to be this glamorous, and insistent that only the stadiums will do for their music?
In Luke Spiller The Struts are blessed with a frontman who, to quote his own neat summary: “I was born to do this. And I’ll die doing it.” Not for Luke the prissy “If anyone else likes it, it’s a bonus” talk of a generation of cautious bands who have second-guessed rock & roll into the margins.

The Struts new album "Everybody wants" is released today, check out the new video of "Put your money on me" here:

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