Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shortcuts : A Mouth Full Of Matches , Invent Animate , I Am Giant

A Mouth Full Of Matches - Smoke signals (2014)
This is not the last time you get to hear about Manchester based A Mouth Full Of Matches, I´m pretty sure this band will only become bigger and bigger for each release.
They debuted with the "Tasting fire" EP in 2013 and now follow up with the 4 track EP "Smoke signals" in September, are you ready for some anthemic rock in the same vein as Young Guns, Mallory Knox and I Divide?
The new single "Danger high" might seem a bit average at first but the song has a secret weapon, a mighty strong chorus that won´t leave your head for weeks.
Get them as a support act to let say Biffy Clyro and the fanbase will grow like the beanstalk in Jack the giant slayer. My favorite track is "Wait for me", not really supercatchy but with a very original chorus.
My bet however for the next single is the pumping rocker "Young blood", a wall of harmony vocals in the chorus lifts the song to new heights.
3,5 out of 5

Invent, Animate - Everchanger (2014)
Texas is home for Invent, Animate. A band with a sound between metalcore and post hardcore, at first I thought their new album "Everchanger" was nothing special but the second time around I discovered the beauty of clean guitars on top of the megaheavy riffs.
This is without doubt a solid 10 track album where the highlights are "Naturehold", "Forest haven" and "Eventide".
Great guitarists too, the guitarmelody in "Nocturne, lost faith" sounds like it could´ve been performed by Steve Vai.
Also available : Waves EP (2012)
For fans of Sylar, Northlane, In Dying Arms.
3 out of 5

I Am Giant - Science and survival (2014)
Hello music lovers, are you tired of looking for that special album that you hope to discover but never find? Well, the answer to your prayers is here with the 2nd album from the New Zealand/British band I Am Giant.
This quartet deliver powerful rock on their new album with a unique mix of alternative modern rock and new wave-ish electro dance rhythms. Imagine RA meets Masonia with a touch of Simple Minds and you´ll get the 13 track album "Science and survival".
Former Blindspott drummer Shelton Woolright knew exactly what he was doing when he formed the new band I Am Giant and debuted with "The horrifying truth" in 2011.
Lots of favorite songs here but right now I have "Transmission", "Death of you" and "Razor wire reality" on heavy rotation.
4 out of 5

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