Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chainfist - Scarred

Chainfist - Scarred (2014) Mighty Music
Produced by Michael Hansen
Tracks : 1.Scars of time 2.1000 ways to bleed 3.Black rebel noise 4.Another day in hell 5.Poison moon 6.10.000 7.Know your hate 8.Seven minutes of pain 9.Statement 10.Mass frustration 11.Black rebel noise (acoustic version)
4 out of 5

Time for some Danish dynamite again and this time it´s Chainfist with their follow up "Scarred" to the debut album "Black out sunday" (2010).
They deliver a mix of thrashmetal and modern metal like Metallica meets Disturbed, but a bit more melodic. We get razorsharp guitars and powerful riffs, the track "Black rebel noise" for example is excellent.
We´re talking 100% metal here where they go for maximum overdrive all the way, fans of Alice in Chains might dig the opener "Scars of time" while "10.000" would fit right in with rest of the songs on Metallica´s "Master of puppets".

Now you see Shouting Signals with new EP out now

U.K based rock band Shouting Signals recently released their new "Now you see" EP on iTunes, listen to the 3 tracks here:

Charm City Devils and their battles

We all do battles in our daily lives. You win some, you lose some. Armed With their third album BATTLES, Baltimore's own Charm City Devils are battle tested and ready to have their bluesy, Southern-tinged hard rock anthems heard by the masses. It is one fight they are prepared to win.
Listen to the new single "Shots" from their upcoming album "Battles", out Sept 23rd.

The Fire release new EP on Sept 30

Italian modern rock band The Fire will release their new "Bittersweet" EP on Sept 30, check out the new single "Lonely heart" here:

Life On Planet 9 with the theory of everything

Life On Planet 9´s new album "The theory of everything" is out now, the band is Neil Godfrey - Instruments and Pete Murray (LoPro, White Noise Owl) - Vocals.
Listen to the first single "Rainy days" here:

Zebra and Giraffe release new album Knuckles in September

Zebra & Giraffe are one of South Africa’s leading alternative rock bands. Since forming in 2008 they have released 3 full-length albums, two of which have won the SAMA award for Best Rock Album. They have also had unprecedented success on National radio with 17 singles being playlisted off their 3 albums.
Zebra & Giraffe released a new single on the 6th August; "I've Been Bad" from their forthcoming album "Knuckles" to be released in September of 2014.

The Rabid Whole don´t stop with problems

Canadian alternative rock band The Rabid Whole will release their new album "Problems" on Sept 23rd. Check out the new single "Don´t stop now" here:

Dead Letter Circus with new Stand apart EP available now

"Stand apart" is a new 6 track EP with reimagined tracks from their latest album "The Catalyst Fire" with acoustic guitars and other instrumentation. The new EP is out now.
Listen to "Stand apart" here:

Asking Alexandria post new video of Moving on

ASKING ALEXANDRIA represent everything exciting and altogether invigorating about the hardest hitting rock n’ roll, both past and present. The group incorporate the modern hard rock sensibilities of Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot with the celebratory melodic spirit of the decadent Sunset Strip of the 1980s. They’ve arrived armed with musical weapons owing as much to Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses as Korn and Killswitch Engage. The electro-tinged and always unhinged miscreants stormed the
mainstream with From Death to Destiny, a Top 5 album that spawned no less than two Top 20 Active Rock singles... Thus far.

Check out their new video of "Moving on" here:

Manic Drive with a new sound on new album VIP

Manic Drive has been widely known as a Canadian band who always delivers a great show, but over the past few years and project releases, they have added to their extensive touring of Canadian and US markets multiple Billboard Top 10 & 20 singles on CHR & Christian Rock Radio. Their previous three albums (Blue, Reason for Motion and Reset & Rewind) have revealed their creative growth and personal development as well as laid the foundation on many levels for this new event called EPIC.
Manic Drive´s new album "VIP" will be out on Oct 14th, listen to the title track here:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Female fronted Shadowqueen release new single on Sept 29

Formed in early 2010, Shadowqueen’s roots began with the collaboration of Robbi Zana (Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar & Keyboards) and Si Hopman (Guitar & Backing Vocals) who have played and written together in bands for years. Drummer, Alex Deegan, came into the picture in late 2009 and together the three share a compelling bond - the love of great Rock’n’Roll!
“Our music is the product of our varied experiences and influences. At times it’s brash and brutal and others it’s vulnerable and even beautiful, but it’s always intense...” -Shadowqueen
On the 29th of September 2014 the trio will release their bold new single Burning, recorded at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne and produced by award winning producer Forrester Savell.
Listen here:

Meridian - The Awful Truth

Meridian - The Awful Truth (2014) Victory Records
Produced by Meridian
Tracks : 1.Gloom 2.Everything that kept me moving 3.Slip away 4.Waves 5.Slither 6.Clarity 7.Piece of mind 8.Set free 9.Wait for me 10.Making my way 11.Malady 12.Borrowed time
3 out of 5

All the members of Meridian are under 21 so it´s a very young band but their debut album for Victory Records is a promising start, they come from the east coast of USA and self released their first album "Reformation" in 2013.
I think they have created a nice blend of post hardcore and pop punk, the music is melodic and rhythmic almost like Ice Nine Kills meets Sum 41.
My favorite songs are "Slip away" and "Wait for me" but the heavy "Borrowed time" shows the band in good shape too, perhaps not my idea of a single but it´s a solid song.
So Meridian, the future is yours for the taking, hard work and 100% focus will get you far.

Livingston release new video of Chemicals from upcoming album

The British/German rock band Livingston will release their new album "Animal" in Sept, watch the video of the first single "Chemicals" here:

Red Zone Rider - Red Zone Rider

Red Zone Rider featuring Vinnie Moore, Kelly Keeling and Scot Coogan (2014) Magna Carta Records
Produced by Red Zone Rider
Tracks : 1.Hell no 2.By the rainbow´s end 3.House of light 4.Cloud of dreams 5.Save it 6.Never trust a woman 7.Obvious 8.The hand that feeds you 9.Hit the road 10.There´s a knowing 11.Counts 77
3,5 out of 5

We´re definitely in a new supergroup era with bands like The Winery Dogs, California Breed, White Noise Owl, KXM and now we can add Red Zone Rider to that list as well.
Red Zone Rider are Vinnie Moore - Guitars (UFO), Kelly Keeling - Lead Vocals/Bass (MSG, King Kobra) and Scot Coogan - Drums/Vocals (Lita Ford, Ace Frehley). They deliver bluesy hard rock the 70´s style where my thoughts go to Led Zeppelin, Trapeze and Whitesnake.
You can expect some really great shredding from Vinnie Moore but the good thing is that the music ain´t all about riffs and solos, we also get strong choruses that suits Kelly´s hoarse voice just fine.
Highlights : "By the rainbow´s end", "Cloud of dreams"

Friday, August 29, 2014

Alexander Wildwood release 2nd single from upcoming EP

Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Wildwood recently came on to the scene this summer in a big way with his debut single “Summer Skin” and is quick to follow-up with a second smash, “Bad Blood” this month.  Both singles are off of Wildwood’s forthcoming debut ep, scheduled for release this October.  
Listen to "Bad blood" here:

Leave the lights on for Field Report

“The body remembers what the mind forgets,” Chris Porterfield reminisces on his acclaimed band Field Report’s sophomore record, Marigolden. The record is strewn with references to the inevitable tolls taken by the passage of time, and prolonged distance from home and loved ones.
The album runs the musical gamut, from the Traveling Wilburys-esque pop of “Home,” to the Neil Young-inspired piano ballad “Ambrosia,” to the electronic sonic landscape of “Wings.” While the compositions express a wide range in terms of genre, they find unity in themselves within the limits of self-imposed minimalism. In the studio, the songs were stripped down to the bones and built back up using only their essential elements.
"Marigolden" will be out on Oct 7th, listen to the new single "Home" at

The Infatuations - Detroit block party

The Infatuations - Detroit block party (2014) Acid Groove Records
Produced by The Infatuations
Tracks : 1.Tonight we celebrate 2.Dancin´ on my knees 3.Livin´ here without you 4.Back again 5.Harley girl 6.Let it ride 7.Diamond disco 8.Box of shells 9.Yesterday morning 10.Drop top lover 11.Down Jefferson
3,5 out of 5

It´s disco rock time with motor city boys The Infatuations, from Detroit the city that gave us artists like Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Stevie Wonder, Grand Funk Railroad, Marvin Gaye etc.
The Infatuations debut album "Detroit block party" gives the listener an injection of Motown a la The Supremes, the funk of Ohio Players and the rock of Lenny Kravitz.
Their singer Caleb Gutierrez is the star here, he´s really brilliant.
If you dig classic songs like "Play that funky music" by Wild Cherry or "Wishing well" by Terence Trent D´Arby, you´re gonna love this album.
A great album with highlights such as "Tonight we celebrate", "Drop top lover" and "Down Jefferson".

The Frail - LoveDeathLegend

The Frail - LoveDeathLegend (2014) Tricycle Records
Produced by Patrick Brown
Tracks : 1.Back to me 2.You just wanna leave 3.Run life 4.Automatic 5.Daylight 6.I never knew you 7.This is who we are 8.We can never 9.Life is done
3 out of 5

Sad but hopelessly romantic synthpop songs coming your way with San Fransisco based The Frail, soundwise not that far from Mat Devine´s (Kill Hannah) new project Wrongchilde.
After several EP´s, their first full length "LoveDeathLegend" is now available and I like the 80´s vibes I get from this solid album.
Imagine a mix of The Cure, Michael Jackson and New Musik and you´ll get The Frail. Whenever you need music for the afterparty, "LoveDeathLegend" will get you and your friends in the right mood.
They will open for Shiny Toy Guns in September so that might get them a few more fans.

I The Antics - Send it out

The Antics - Send it out (2014) Independent
Produced by Marty Munsch
Tracks : 1.Plenty of time 2.I don´t want to go back 3.Send it out 4.Love and roses 5.When you say 6.Girls are troublesome
2 out of 5

I remember when The Hives were in the studio recording their 2nd album and they listened to their songs, the band thought it sounded too good and decided to re-record it and instead performed the music more rough and sloppy. Just to get that real garage rock sound.
It´s the same thing with New Jersey based The Antics and their 2nd release "Send it out", it´s meant to be played this way. I hear both The Rolling Stones (60´s era), The Jam and The Strokes in these 6 tracks.
I´m not too thrilled to get through this EP but the new wave-ish "Love and roses" is cool.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Euphoria Audio - Euphoria Audio

Euphoria Audio - Euphoria Audio (2014) Independent
Produced by Brandon Friesen
Tracks : 1.Your tomorrows 2.Fly tonight 3.Gravity 4.Our yesterdays 5.Speechless 6.Collide 7.Time 8.3 seconds 9.Make me real 10.Man of steel 11.You can run 12.The light
4 out of 5

If Euphoria Audio´s self titled debut album would´ve been released in the golden age of modern rock around 2002, this record would rule the charts.
This is a modern rock explosion of 12 stunning songs in the same vein as Vertical Horizon, The Calling and Vonray. I am so thrilled to have EA in my headphones at this very moment.
Matt Shirty - Lead Vocals, Ben Lloyd - Guitars, Ben Hughes - Bass and Josh Hughes - Drums are all fans of Queen, Aerosmith, Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin so they learned from the best.
I am so sure this album will end up on many Best of 2014 album lists, I really can´t pick out a favorite song since all 12 are awesome. But ok, force me and I will say "Gravity" or perhaps "Your tomorrows".......oh I almost forgot the single "3 seconds". Aaaaaargh, I want to say them all.

Megasonic - Intense

Megasonic - Intense (2014) Mausoleum Records
Produced by Megasonic
Tracks : 1.Sonic tension 2.Bombs away 3.Demon´s lust 4.Witches brew 5.Future shock 6.Love lost love 7.Crash and burn 8.Run for cover 9.Raging heart 10.Eye of the storm 11.Man in the moon 12.Down to Mexico 13.Does your mother know
2,5 out of 5

Megasonic are Dimitri Verhoeven - Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Drums, Jeroen De Bock - Guitars/Keyboards and Lieven De Wolf - Guitars/Bass. A hard rock trio from Belgium that deliver 11 original songs and 2 covers on their debut album "Intense", the best tracks within their own songs are "Future shock", "Run for cover" and "Eye of the storm".
But I also enjoy their cover versions of Paul Gilbert´s "Down to Mexico" and ABBA´s "Does your mother know", the rest of the album lack of memorable songs however and I can´t rate it higher than 2,5.
Megasonic sound a bit like Pink Cream 69 but more symphonic and with a touch of David Lee Roth´s party rock.

The Color Morale release new single Damnaged


The Color Morale´s new single "Damnaged" is available for streaming here:
Their new album "Hold on pain ends" will be out on Sept 2nd.

Microwave with new album out now

Georgia based post hardcore/emo band Microwave´s 3rd album "Stovall" is available at:

Jaded Heart with control to fight the system

German hard rock band Jaded Heart will release their new album "Fight the system" on Sept 26th.
Check out the new song "Control" here:

Amy Lee of Evanescence goes electro

Amy Lee´s new album "Aftermath" is out now, it´s the soundtrack to the film "War story".
Listen to the new song "Push the button" here:

Free download of official Red Bull X-Fighters 2014 song with Blitz Kids

Britrock band Blitz Kids posted a free download of their song "All I want is everything" here:
Their new album "The good youth" is available now.

5 songs you gotta hear

Sixx A.M with their cover of "Drive", originally recorded by The Cars.

Emarosa - People like me, we just don´t play, taken from the upcoming album "Versus", out Sept 9th.

Rubblebucket - Carousel ride, from the latest album "Survival sounds", out now.

Kim Kronman - Atlantis, debut single from new Finnish pop/rock phenomenon.

Wrong City - Your warmth, from the new album "Induction of otherside".

Miggs release new single Walls come down

"Walls come down" is the first single from the upcoming album from pop/rock band Miggs.
Listen here:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ghost Season - Ghosts like her

Ghost Season - Ghosts like her (2014) Independent
Produced by Ghost Season
Tracks : 1.Alive 2.Ghosts like her 3.The bleed 4.Father time 5.Need
3 out of 5

Ghost Season are a modern heavy metal act from Greece, influenced by the alternative side of metal as well as slightly prog-ish metal too. I hear traces of Mastodon, Queensryche, Savatage and Iron Maiden in their sound of the debut EP "Ghosts like her".
Singer Nick Lountos vocal performance is a bit limited but he´s ok, thumbs up for the powerful production though. Another positive thing about this EP is the fact that these songs feels timeless, this record could´ve been released in 1984 or 1994 and you wouldn´t know the right year.
When you hear an explosive track like "Alive", you know this band´s got potential.
Ghost Season rocks.

Manic Pixi release music video for Kiss me

Wild in style, energy and sound, NYC's Manic Pixi have paired up with Curve Magazine to release their music video for “Kiss Me” today. Full of passionate and chaotic fun, the video highlights the band's playful personality cut with shots of couples kissing. “Kiss Me” is featured on their upcoming debut album Sugar Bomb! due out September 16th.
For fans of Hole, Paramore, No Doubt.

Midnight Cinema - Lightning in a bottle

Midnight Cinema - Lightning in a bottle (2014) Independent
Produced by Midnight Cinema
Tracks : 1.Counting down 2.Lightning in a bottle 3.Perfect stranger 4.Edge of the earth 5.Back to the butterflies 6.Slow motion 7.Sooner or later 8.Love your lights out 9.Someday never came 10.Counting down
3 out of 5

Remember Wind Up artists Thriving Ivory? And perhaps also liked them a lot? Well, then I´ve got news for you because the members Clayton Stroope - Vocals, Drew Cribley - Guitars and Paul Niedermier - Drums formed the new band Midnight Cinema and released their debut EP in 2013.
The new full length album "Lightning in a bottle" was released yesterday but it´s certainly not yesterday´s music. They deliver contemporary indie rock/pop, less piano driven than Thriving Ivory but still with traces of Coldplay and U2.
I love Clayton´s voice, without him Midnight Cinema would be just another indie rock band. The songs on this 10 track album aren´t as strong as the albums they did with Thriving Ivory but they´re pretty good. The opening track "Counting down" and the title track "Lightning in a bottle" stand out a bit more than the rest.

The Young Wild - For Now Not Forever

The Young Wild - For Now Not Forever (2014) Independent
Produced by The Young Wild
Tracks : 1.Moment goes 2.Silhouette 3.Ways we have to go 4.Cry out 5.Used to it
3,5 out of 5

You know the kick you get from drinking fresh orange juice in the morning, a dose of vitamine c that will get you up and running in no time.
I get the same kick from California based The Young Wild´s "For now not forever" EP, this is feel-good music with 5 sunny and bright indie rock songs.
Imagine Gregg Alexander (The New Radicals) collaborating with The Killers and you´ll get The Young Wild, the new single "Moment goes" is addictive like chocolate.
So there you go, orange juice and chocolate in the same package. Voila!

New single from Vise out on iTunes

The Swedish metal band Vise recently released their new single "Dream catcher" on iTunes and Spotify. Purchase it here:

Danish rock band A Road To Damascus with new album out now

A Road To Damascus (ARTD) is breaking out as one of the most significant new rock    bands in Denmark. They cut the American rock scene with pop-punk, bringing memorable melodies reminiscent of 30 Seconds To Mars, together with a Green Day to-the-bone style songwriting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
On ARTD's new album "In Retrospect" the band take a step back to reflect on their lives and the choices they've made along the way: "Many of the songs on the new album deal with the significance of the decisions we make and question those things we are not happy with. I think it’s important not just to go through life on autopilot." says guitarist Mads Møller.
The album is out on Spotify now.

Here´s to Rhett Walker Band

Is Bon Jovi back with a country album? No, it´s just Rhett Walker Band with their new single "Here´s to the ones" from the upcoming album with the same title. Available Oct 14th.

Maroon 5 post lyric video of Animals from V

Maroon 5´s new album "V" will be out on Sept 2nd, check out the lyric video of the new single "Animals" here:

Billy Idol release first single off upcoming album Kings and queens of the underground

Billy Idol´s upcoming album "Kings and queens of the underground" will be out on Oct 21st. Listen to the first single "Can´t break me down" here:

Jonas Park and David Bollman move forward

"Forward" is the debut EP from christian pop/rock artists Jonas Park and David Bollman, check out the lyric video of "Nearness" here:

Cobra Starship feat Icona Pop release new single

New York based pop artist Cobra Starship has released a new single featuring Icona Pop, listen to the lyric video "Never been in love" here:

New song from Alien Ant Farm available online

"Homage" is a new song from Alien Ant Farm, taken from their upcoming album "Always and forever", out later in 2014. Listen here: