Saturday, August 23, 2014

Alanna Royale - Achilles

Alanna Royale - Achilles (2014) Independent
Produced by Andric Tokic
Tracks : 1.Last to know 2.Animal 3.Nobody else 4.Cop show 5.Phantom limb 6.Big time me 7.18 8.True fool 9.Rock and stone 10.Go back
3 out of 5

Is it 1973 or am I getting crazy? The detective television series of the 70´s called and want their theme songs back. No it´s 2014 and Nashville based soul/funk outfit Alanna Royale will release their new album "Achilles" on Sept 16. Fronted by the great singer Alanna Quinn-Broadus, this band can compete with Joss Stone who´s the best heir to Aretha Franklin´s throne.
They debuted with the "Bless her heart" EP in 2013 with the two songs "Animal" and "Rock and stone" also ending up on the new full length album "Achilles".
Highlights : "18", "Go back".
Recommendable if you like early Chicago, Shirley Bassey, Aretha Franklin.

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