Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bonne Finken - Fairytales / LoveAffairs

Bonne Finken - Fairytales / LoveAffairs (2014) Independent
Produced by Brandon Darner / Matt Sepanic / Michael Krompass / Jon Locker
Tracks : 1.Fall 2.Absence of fear 3.Step back baby 4.I´m not waiting 5.Isaiah 6.Gone 7.Please 8.Magic 9.Say you go 10.Hang on 11.Let´s play 12.My heart 13.Boyfriend 14.The underground kind
3,5 out of 5

Iowa might not have the same amount of famous artists like California, Texas or Florida. Even though there are some well known names from Iowa like swing bandleader Glenn Miller, Slipknot, For Today and lesser known bands such as 38th Parallel, Bright Giant and Mindrite.
Now we can add the supertalented Bonne Finken to that list as well, and she has every chance of getting her name alongside with Glenn Miller and the rest.
The luxurious production of her new album "Fairytales / LoveAffairs" is pure joy for the ears, Bonne deliver a unique blend of piano driven pop / rock and electronica where several songs has hit potential.
The cocky "Step back baby" is very sexy and cool, great hooks too. The soulful piano ballad "Isaiah" sounds like something Adele would like to put her hands on.
The dance pop of "Magic" bring thoughts to Nelly Furtado, try to sit still to this one and you´ll have to focus real hard. One of my favorites is the rocking "Gone" featuring a duet with Jerry Lorenson of Towncrier, marvelous singing from both.
The best track is without doubt the rhythmic "I´m not waiting" that sounds like Annie Lennox meets Tori Amos, ohyeah the world is ready for Bonne Finken. The stage is yours.

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