Thursday, August 14, 2014

Darkness Divided - Written in blood

Darkness Divided - Written in blood (2014) Victory Records
Produced by Cory Brunnemann
Tracks : 1.Severance 2.The shepherd´s hands 3.A well run dry 4.The hands that bled 5.The descent 6.Eternal thirst 7.Withering kingdom 8.Remnants 9.The will of men 10.Interlude 11.Divine mercy
3 out of 5

The christian metalcore band Darkness Divided from San Antonio, Texas, debuted with the "Chronicles" EP in 2012 and then signed with Victory Records for the release of their full length "Written in blood".
This quartet is full of potential, they´ve got lots of powerful riffs and a few great songs like "Divine mercy", "The hands that bled" and "The shepherd´s hands".
And in a few moments, the band takes a step into the hardcore scene as well as technical deathmetal.
They could be your new favorite band if you like For Today, A Bullet For Pretty Boy and Memphis May Fire.

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