Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Heartist - Feeding fiction

Heartist - Feeding fiction (2014) Roadrunner Records
Produced by David Bendeth
Tracks : 1.What kind of world 2.Black cloud 3.Skeletons 4.Pressure point 5.Ignite 6.Unbreakable 7.Legacy 8.Manipulate 9.Ready to change 10.Set me free 11.Demons
3 out of 5

California based 5 piece Heartist worked with producer David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin, Dark New Day) on their debut full length "Feeding fiction", the follow up to the 2012 EP "Nothing you didn´t deserve".
Heartist deliver a mix of active rock and metal with moments of screamo, for fans of Candlelight Red, Papa Roach and The Used.
The singles stand out here with "Black cloud", "Skeletons" and "Pressure point". A few more songs with that calibre and the 11 track album would´ve been stronger but it´s still a good album.
Why do almost every album in this genre sound the same? I would like to hear a different production from now on. I blame Howard Benson (Hoobastank, P.O.D, Daughtry, Three Days Grace), it´s all his fault.

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