Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Josh Benash - Stasis

Josh Benash - Stasis (2014) Motor Oat Records
Produced by Josh Stenash
Tracks : 1.And I´m told 2.Soul eyes 3.You are being killed and we do not care 4.For two weeks (you´ve been happy) 5.Will you shine 6.Everytime I close my eyes all I hear is Lil´ Kim screaming 7.Your word 8.Holy, holy, holy, round and round and round
3 out of 5

"Stasis" is the 2nd solo album and follow up to "The Dismal, The Beautiful" (2012) from Josh Benash, the founder of the orchestral rock band Kiss Kiss.
The music on the new album is meditative and a joy if you are willing to look beyond the traditional verse-chorus songstructure, at times Josh´s songs sounds like they were taken from a Tim Burton film.
But the opening tracks "And I´m told" and "Soul eyes" goes in the same vein as Mew meets And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, really cool.
Track 8 "Holy, holy, holy, round and round and round" can be described as Brian Eno on a picnic with Pink Floyd (their late 60´s era), be careful with that axe!
An interesting piece of work.

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