Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meridian - The Awful Truth

Meridian - The Awful Truth (2014) Victory Records
Produced by Meridian
Tracks : 1.Gloom 2.Everything that kept me moving 3.Slip away 4.Waves 5.Slither 6.Clarity 7.Piece of mind 8.Set free 9.Wait for me 10.Making my way 11.Malady 12.Borrowed time
3 out of 5

All the members of Meridian are under 21 so it´s a very young band but their debut album for Victory Records is a promising start, they come from the east coast of USA and self released their first album "Reformation" in 2013.
I think they have created a nice blend of post hardcore and pop punk, the music is melodic and rhythmic almost like Ice Nine Kills meets Sum 41.
My favorite songs are "Slip away" and "Wait for me" but the heavy "Borrowed time" shows the band in good shape too, perhaps not my idea of a single but it´s a solid song.
So Meridian, the future is yours for the taking, hard work and 100% focus will get you far.

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