Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Midnight Cinema - Lightning in a bottle

Midnight Cinema - Lightning in a bottle (2014) Independent
Produced by Midnight Cinema
Tracks : 1.Counting down 2.Lightning in a bottle 3.Perfect stranger 4.Edge of the earth 5.Back to the butterflies 6.Slow motion 7.Sooner or later 8.Love your lights out 9.Someday never came 10.Counting down
3 out of 5

Remember Wind Up artists Thriving Ivory? And perhaps also liked them a lot? Well, then I´ve got news for you because the members Clayton Stroope - Vocals, Drew Cribley - Guitars and Paul Niedermier - Drums formed the new band Midnight Cinema and released their debut EP in 2013.
The new full length album "Lightning in a bottle" was released yesterday but it´s certainly not yesterday´s music. They deliver contemporary indie rock/pop, less piano driven than Thriving Ivory but still with traces of Coldplay and U2.
I love Clayton´s voice, without him Midnight Cinema would be just another indie rock band. The songs on this 10 track album aren´t as strong as the albums they did with Thriving Ivory but they´re pretty good. The opening track "Counting down" and the title track "Lightning in a bottle" stand out a bit more than the rest.

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