Thursday, August 21, 2014

Phillip Brandon - Phillip Brandon

Phillip Brandon - Phillip Brandon (2013) Independent
Produced by DrFord
Tracks : 1.You 2.Sail on 3.Turn around 4.On my mind 5.My friend
3 out of 5

The Survivor song "It´s the singer, not the song" certainly comes to it´s right meaning with Los Angeles based artist Phillip Brandon´s self titled EP.
He´s got a soulful voice and can lift a dull song all by himself, not that these 5 songs are boring in any way. It´s just that Brandon´s vocal performance is so much better than the music.
I really dig the funky tunes "Turn around" and "On my mind" which are the highlights here, these songs would do just fine on a Mothers Finest record.
The other songs are either jazzy or more towards soul somewhere between Al Jarreau and James Ingram. If ever Earth, Wind and Fire should need another singer, they should call Phillip Brandon.

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