Saturday, August 30, 2014

Red Zone Rider - Red Zone Rider

Red Zone Rider featuring Vinnie Moore, Kelly Keeling and Scot Coogan (2014) Magna Carta Records
Produced by Red Zone Rider
Tracks : 1.Hell no 2.By the rainbow´s end 3.House of light 4.Cloud of dreams 5.Save it 6.Never trust a woman 7.Obvious 8.The hand that feeds you 9.Hit the road 10.There´s a knowing 11.Counts 77
3,5 out of 5

We´re definitely in a new supergroup era with bands like The Winery Dogs, California Breed, White Noise Owl, KXM and now we can add Red Zone Rider to that list as well.
Red Zone Rider are Vinnie Moore - Guitars (UFO), Kelly Keeling - Lead Vocals/Bass (MSG, King Kobra) and Scot Coogan - Drums/Vocals (Lita Ford, Ace Frehley). They deliver bluesy hard rock the 70´s style where my thoughts go to Led Zeppelin, Trapeze and Whitesnake.
You can expect some really great shredding from Vinnie Moore but the good thing is that the music ain´t all about riffs and solos, we also get strong choruses that suits Kelly´s hoarse voice just fine.
Highlights : "By the rainbow´s end", "Cloud of dreams"

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