Friday, August 22, 2014

Shortcuts : Mary Fay , Brian Lee, Paul J. Phillips

Mary Fay - Wings made of lead (2014)
I have enjoyed some of Mary Fay´s previous singles, although they call their music emo, I have thought of their sound more towards atmospheric pop and modern rock.
If I didn´t know they were a Swedish band, I would´ve guessed Finland. They have more in common with bands like The Rasmus and H.I.M.
If you´re new to this band, you gotta keep up because they have released one full length album and 3 EP´s including the one "Wings made of lead".
This 4 track EP is ok but I miss a little edge in the production, the band lack of originality too. The song "Goodbye, dear loneliness" is really good anyhow, more of that quality in the future thank you.
2 out of 5

Brian Lee - Declare (2014)
Seattle based singer/songwriter Brian Lee deliver a mix of Americana, indie rock and 60´s pop. His 3rd release "Declare" contains 5 songs in the same vein as Copeland, Sherwood and even Ryan Adams in a few moments.
It´s a comfy sound and I really like Brian´s voice, there´s warmth in his melodies where my favorite track is "While you were sleeping". This EP is just as good as his previous album "Moth" from 2010 and whenever I´m feeling the lazy in the sunday afternoon mood. "Declare" will do just fine.
2,5 out of 5

Paul J. Phillips - Magic (2014)
On his previous albums, New Yorker Paul J. Phillips has taken on various genres like alternative country, folk and Americana.
The new 5 track EP "Magic" is more of a rock record with soul and blues flavor, imagine Squeeze meets Marc Bolan with a touch of Eric Clapton and you´ll get "Magic".
Paul and his band puts on a passionate performance so the music feels honest, the best tracks are "Till it´s gone" and "Magic". But the opening track "Time, time" is really groovy too.
3 out of 5

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