Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SKAM - Peacemaker

SKAM - Peacemaker (2014) Independent
Produced by Matt Elliss
Tracks : 1.Langundo 2.Make you pay 3.Rivers 4.Holy city 5.Peacemaker 6.The wire 7.Fortune favours the brave 8.The prince 9.Precious stone 10.The zone 11.Let´s get rocked 12.More or less
3 out of 5

SKAM are a trio from Leicester, U.K. They´re influenced by glam rock, NWOBHM and classic hard rock and have already created some buzz in England with their debut album "It´s come to this" from 2011.
The follow up "Peacemaker" is a solid hard rock album for fans of The Wildhearts, Mama´s Boys and New Device. I especially like their love of delivering Budgie-like riffs in a few songs.
My personal fave is "The wire" that sounds like it could be an unreleased Little Angels song.
I´m sure we´re gonna hear more from SKAM, it´s a good band.

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