Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The SixxiS - Hollow Shrine

The SixxiS - Hollow Shrine (2014) Glassville Records
Produced by David Bottrill
Tracks : 1.Dreamers 2.Long ago 3.Nowhere close 4.Home again 5.Forgotten son 6.Waste of time 7.Coke Can Steve 8.Opportune time 9.Out alive 10.Weeping willow tree
3,5 out of 5

I can´t say it happens too often that you get to hear a different hard rock album but the Atlanta based The SixxiS truly took me by surprise with their debut album "Hollow shrine".
With smart riffs, classy vocal harmonies and prog-ish hard rock, The SixxiS feels like card dealers with aces up their sleeves where we get everything from groovy Led Zep-rock to the alternative sound of King´s X and even Alex Lifeson´s solo album "Victor".
I really like this band a lot and I just love songs like "Forgotten son", "Waste of time", "Dreamers" and the awesome instrumental "Coke Can Steve".
Well done!

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