Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Animal In Me wants your applause

Bay Area based alternative rock band The Animal In Me has released several covers on iTunes of Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Lady Gaga´s "Applause".

Have Mercy release sophomore album A place of our own

Baltimore based indie rock band Have Mercy will release their new album "A place of our own" on Oct 26th, watch the new video "Howl" here:

Shattered Skies with the end and the rebirth

Shattered Skies are a melodic groove metal band from London, U.K. Their upcoming album "The world we used to know" will be out on Jan 15th. Watch the video "The end and the rebirth" from the upcoming album here:

Motionless In White feat. Maria Brink of In This Moment

Motionless In White´s new album "Reincarnate" is out now, stream the new single "Contempress" feat. Maria Brink (In This Moment) here:

Taped3ck release debut single Hey L.A

Taped3ck’s debut single “Hey LA” is the band’s introduction to the community and it pays appropriate attention to everything that “rock city’s” best sounds include:  offensive licks, gutteral choruses, big, big drums and an unapologetic, warm groove that can only come from recording a rock record the right way.  Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Audioslave, Chevelle) brought some magic to the mix. “Hey LA” drops online to digital stores like iTunes and Spotify today. 

Three Days Grace deliver new single I am machine

Three Days Grace´s new single "I am machine" is out today, featuring their new lead singer Matt Walst. Listen here:

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jeremy Mage and The Magi´s debut album filled with unpredictable songs

After half a million miles of inspiration on the road, Grammy winning multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Mage brings home a debut album of intimate, funky, and unpredictable songs.Mage played B-3 organ in gospel church and broke his nose in a mosh pit, and then years later he broke it again on a Steinway grand piano. In between, he  studied with Baba Olatunji, Alan Ginsberg, James Hurt, Fred Frith,  Yusef Lateef, Srinivasan in Varanasi,  and Pupy Pedroso in Havana. He toured from Istanbul to Antigua with soul jazz artist Lizz Wright, afro beat queen Wunmi, and dub crew theEasy Star All Stars. The Magi , featuring musicians from Ghana, California, Brasil, and New York, (and even a background vocal cameo from Reggie Watts) weave an apocalyptic, hopeful set.
Stream the album here:

Hayley Kiyoko on this side of paradise

Like a brilliant hybrid of Lykke Li and Charlie XCX, Hayley has a knack for writing the perfect pop song without losing the edge. Stream the highly anticipated debut single "This Side of Paradise" by Hayley Kiyoko here:

German chart climbers Guano Apes with new video Fake

German alternative rock band Guano Apes has released a new video "Fake" from their latest album "Offline", watch it here:

Simple Minds release new video Honest town from Big music

Simple Minds new album "Big music" will be out on Nov 3rd, listen to the new single "Honest town" here:

Crisis In Victory here to drown your sorrows

CRISIS IN VICTORY is a 5 Piece metal band emerging from the hell fires of Arizona. After deciding to sell their souls to the devil they moved from the small city of Flagstaff, Arizona to the large city Phoenix, Arizona. With sounds inspired from artist such as Slipknot, Motionless in White, and Attila the band delivers music with brutal breakdowns, relentless riffs, catchy choruses, and vicious vocals. Crisis in Victory's epic live show goes beyond just music and becomes an experience for their fans. With their dedication, heart, and constant hard work, prepare to watch this band grow and achieve their dreams.
Their new "Drown your sorrows" EP is out on iTunes.

The return of Big Dismal

Remember postgrunge band Big Dismal? This christian band released their debut album "Believe" in 2003 and then silence.....
But now a decade later, their first single "Bringing me home" in 11 years is out on iTunes.

Tanooki Suit working on new album with help from the fans

Tanooki Suit is the collective brainchild of Aleksander Kmiec (ex-Therefore I Am) and Tony Langone (Our Lives In Motion).
Their debut album "Euclid" was released in 2013, they are currently recording their new album through kickstarter.
Listen to "Euclid" here:

The hourglass is running for Atlantis Awaits

Atlantis Awaits are a female fronted alternative rock band from Australia, their debut album "Dying to live" was released in 2013.
The band recently released their brand new single "Hourglass", listen at:

New album from Lagwagon out in October

California based powerpop/metal band Lagwagon will release their new album "Hang" on Oct 26th.
Listen to the new song "The cog in the machine" here:

Sixx A.M release Modern vintage next week

Sixx A.M´s 3rd album "Modern vintage" will be out on Oct 7th, check out the new lyric video "Stars" from the new album here:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jukebox The Ghost invites you to the great unknown

Indie pop band Jukebox The Ghost will release their new self titled album on Oct 21st, listen to the first single "The great unknown" here:

Stephan Forte - Enigma Opera Black

Stephan Forté - Enigma Opera Black (2014) Zeta Nemesis Records
Produced by Stephan Forté / Kevin Codfert
Tracks : 1.Short virtuosity etude 2.Enigma opera black 3.Zeta nemesis 4.Sector A undead 5.Pure 6.Entering sigma scorpii 7.Praying Lord Bhairava at the foot of mountain Kailash 8.Suspended tears into space 9.Peace
3,5 out of 5

The French guitar virtuoso Stephan Forté is playing in the big league now, if there has been any uncertainties regarding his musicianship until now, Forté has settled the score with the music business with his new solo album "Enigma opera black".
A masterful follow up to his first solo album "The shadow compendium" from 2011, this should be enough for him stand on stage with Satriani and Vai´s G3 project.
Forté started his career with neo-classical metal band Adagio and 4 albums between 2001-2009 featuring David Readman on vocals on the first two albums.
He´s influenced by Jason Becker, Meshuggah and Rising Force, I like how Forté fuses classical music with heavy metal and even modern sounds. Take for example "Sector A undead" where we get both dubstep and numetal riffs.
There´s a guest appearance from Marty Friedman on the song "Zeta nemesis", this one should appeal more to fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine and Steve Vai.
What can I say, a job well done.

Damien Rice´s favourite faded fantasy

Damien Rice is an alternative folk artist from Ireland, his new album "My favourite faded fantasy" will be out on Oct 31st.
Check out a clip of the new song "I don´t want to change you" here:

Wellfear deliver a carnival of nordic metal

Norwegian metallers Wellfear will release their new album "The Carnival" in November, get a first taste with the new song "Karma" here:

Forever Came Calling release new song Transient (I don´t miss)

Pop punk band Forever Came Calling will release their new album "What matters most" on Oct 20th, listen to the new single "Transient" here:

Post hardcore act Four Nights Gone release new EP

New York based Four Nights Gone will release their new "Milestones" EP on Oct 14th, featuring the new song "Run away" and 4 acoustic versions of tracks from their sophomore "Resilence" EP.

Release date of Blue Cow Kent´s debut album delayed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the release of Phantom Cathedral has been delayed. We will announce a new release date as soon as we have the mastered copy. The release party on Oct 4 is still on, make sure you are the first ones to get to hear the new songs live.

There For Tomorrow announce new Nightscape EP

Florida based alternative rock band There For Tomorrow´s new "Nightscape" EP is now out in Japan, check out the new song "Racing blood" here:

Erik Neff - At the end of the day

Erik Neff - At the end of the day (2014) Invent Records
Produced by Ryan Greene / Sean Neff
Tracks : 1.Don´t fall 2.Rainbow 3.Rosa Lee 4.She don´t know 5.Victory 6.Valentine 7.Long night 8.So contagious 9.Light on 10.Shout
3 out of 5

Dallas based artist/model Erik Neff takes inspiration from genres like blues, country and rock. His songs flirts both with classic rock as well as modern rock, the result is a comfy album filled with romantic rock music not that far from artists like Bo Bice, Keith Urban and Richie Sambora.
I like his voice and I give him a plus for doing a nice cover of "Shout" by Tears For Fears, but the best song here is Neff´s own "Don´t fall" which is also the first single of the album.
This song goes under the category of adult rock, the chorus is really beautiful.
There are a few too many ballads, I welcome more rockers on the next album like "Rainbow" and "Victory".

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Earshot release more songs from Aftermath

Three songs have now been released from Earshot´s "Aftermath" EP, "Now that it´s over", "Let me" and "Remember".

Varsity will make you happy

Florida based post hardcore band Varsity will release their new "Lights" EP on Oct 21st, Listen to the new song "Happy" at:

Silvertide releases first song in 10 years

Rocknroll band Silvertide´s first single in 10 years, "Try try try", is now available on Amazon and iTunes. Purchase the song here:
Check out a live version at:

Experimental rock band Eidola to release new album Degeneraterra this fall

Eidola is a six piece experimental rock band from Salt Lake City, UT. New album "Degeneraterra" coming fall 2014 on Blue Swan Records. 
Listen to their debut album "The great glass Elephant" here:

Suzi Quatro - The Girl From Detroit City

Suzi Quatro - The Girl From Detroit City (2014) Cherry Red Records
Produced by Mike Chapman / Andy Scott / Steve Grant / Nicky Chinn / Chris Andrews / Len Tuckey
Tracks : CD 1 : 1.What a way to die 2.Light of love 3.Locked in your love 4.Rolling stone 5.Can the can 6.Ain´t ya something honey 7.48 Crash 8.All shook up 9.Glycerine queen 10.Daytona demon 11.Roman fingers 12.Devil gate drive 13.In the morning 14.Too big 15.The wild one 16.Your mama won´t like me 17.I bit off more than I could chew 18.You can make me want you 19.Michael 20.I may be too young 21.Half as much as me 22.American lady
CD 2 : 1.Tear me apart 2.If you can´t give me love 3.Suicide 4.The race is on 5.Stumblin´ in 6.I´ve never been in love 7.Mind demons 8.She´s in love with you 9.Hollywood 10.Mama´s boy 11.Love hurts 12.Rock hard 13.Lonely is the hardest 14.Ego in the night 15.Lipstick 16.Glad all over 17.Heart of stone 18.Main attraction 19.Two miles out of Georgia 20.Can I be your girl 21.Good girl 22.Wild thing
CD 3 : 1.I got the sun in the morning 2.Moonshine lullaby 3.If you can´t give me love 4.Baby you´re a star 5.Kiss me goodbye 6.Back to the drive 7.I´ll walk through fire with you 8.No choice 9.I don´t do gentle 10.Fifteen minutes of fame 11.Whatever love is 12.Strict machine 13.Breaking dishes 14.A girl like me 15.Singing with angels 16.Does your mother know 17.The cost of living 18.The girl from Detroit city
CD 4 : 1.Curly hair for sale 2.Sugar flash rapper 3.Ain´t got no home 4.Sweet nothin´s  5.Wild in the night 6.Don´t let me be misunderstood 7.What goes around (demo) 8.Love and war 9.Walking through the changes 10.Warm leatherette 11.Intimate strangers 12.And so to bed 13.Sometimes love is letting go 14.Flying to my destiny 15.Free the butterfly 16.Ambition 17.If there ever was a reason 18.Desperado 19.Dancing in the wind 20.No choice (demo)
3,5 out of 5

This is christmas for Suzi Quatro fans, the 4 box set "The girl from Detroit city" including all her hits, b-sides, rarities and the new single "The girl from Detroit city".
The glam rock queen is celebrating 50 years in the music business with 82 tracks, everything from her early days in the 60´s band The Pleasure Seekers, the Mike Chapman era in the 70´s and lots of interesting cover versions (some never officially released before).
The first disc contains 3 recordings with The Pleasure Seekers where the song "Light of love" stand out, an adorable 60´s pop song.
We also get the classic hits such as "Can the can", "Devil gate drive", "The wild one", "48 crash" and "Daytona demon" where the majority of the tracks are taken from the albums "Suzi Quatro" (1973), "Quatro" (1974), "Your mamma won´t like me" (1975) and "Aggro-phobia" (1976).
The b-side "In the morning" bring thoughts to Status Quo which is cool.

Suzi has sold 55 million albums, mostly because she has always released strong albums like the ones represented on the 2nd disc. We get songs from "If you knew Suzi" (1978), "Suzi and other four letter words" (1979), "Rock hard" (1980) and "Main attraction" (1982), where we take a trip down memory lane with some of her best songs like "If you can´t give me love", "Stumblin´ in", "She´s in love with you", "Glad all over" and "Wild thing".
This is my favorite disc in this box set.

The material on the 3rd disc focus on her comeback albums "Back to the drive" (2006) and "In the spotlight" (2011) but as a bonus, you can expect the two songs "I got the sun in the morning" and "Moonshine lullaby" from the musical "Annie get your gun" which Suzi performed the leading role of Annie during 1986.
The highlights on this disc are Suzi´s tribute to Elvis Presley in the beautiful "Singing with angels" as well as the new track "The girl from Detroit city", the song speaks of her early days in Detroit and her discovery by Mickie Most. The song is written by Mike Chapman but sounds more like a Phil Spector penned tune.
But there are other nice songs too, just take the 1991 single "Baby you´re a star" where it´s easy to understand that Joan Jett has been influenced a lot by Suzi Quatro.

Perhaps the most interesting disc for Quatro fans must be the 4th disc with lots of rarities, unreleased songs, demo versions and b-sides.
The quality feels like a roller coaster ride with both up´s and down´s but I especially like her covers of "Desperado" (The Eagles), "Don´t let me be misunderstood" (The Animals) and "Warm leatherette" (Tom Petty). Her version of "Warm leatherette" can be described as Lou Reed in a new wave mood, what a sexy voice she has.
Suzi Quatro shows no signs of slowing down, she says -When I turn my back on the audience and shake my ass, and there is silence.....I´ll stop!
We love you.

Hits album from Billy Talent including one new song

Billy Talent´s new compilation "Hits" will be out on Nov 4th, featuring the new track "Kingdom of Zod". Listen here:

Friday, September 26, 2014

Graveyard Shifters - Brainwashed by moonshine

Graveyard Shifters - Brainwashed by moonshine (2014) Eternal Sound Records
Produced by Graveyard Shifters / H.Petjakko
Tracks : 1.Chicken cage of terror 2.A good day to die hard and loud 3.Graveyard shifters 4.Molotov cocktail 5.Play the victim
2,5 out of 5

The Finnish high octane rock band Graveyard Shifters are here to start a revolution against all polished music around the globe, their debut EP "Brainwashed by moonshine" couldn´t have been done without lots of beer and an enormous lust of putting back metal into heavy metal.
My thoughts go directly to bands like Turbonegro, Motorhead and Tank when I listen to Graveyard Shifters. The band put on a furious tempo from the opening track "Chicken cage of terror" and won´t turn down the volume until the last track has ended, I won´t be too surprised if this will be Henry Rollins new favorite band.
This ain´t my cup of tea but I really dig their energy and attitude.

Slowriter - King of the void

Slowriter - King of the void (2014) Autumn + Colour Records
Produced by Bryan Taylor
Tracks : 1.The sequel 2.Lose my head 3.King of the void 4.Automation 5.Gold mannequin 6.Wait for the day 7.All of that digging 8.Eternity (remix) 9.Eternity
2 out of 5

If you ask Bryan Taylor, all you need is a computer, a synthesizer, an acoustic guitar and some video games to get inspiration from. Then you´re ready to record some music.
I thought Slowriter´s previous album "Trailblazer" (2013) was pretty good but I´m not equally fond of his 4th release "King of the void".
These songs sounds like a lost soundtrack video arcade album from the 80´s that has been updated with a modern street factor from a computer maniac that wants to be hip, but there´s just too much of those blip-synths for me to enjoy Taylor´s new album.
However, I found three songs that are cool. "Lose my head", "Wait for the day" and "Eternity".

Get your fuzz on with The Underhanded

Growing up in the Victorian coastal town of Angelsea was the perfect backdrop for the formation of The Underhanded.
From scorching hot summers to chilly seaside winters, the seasonal tourist town provided a landscape of extremes. Four school mates, with little passion for surfing, found a common interest in grunge and fuzz.
In various garages, the four spent hours listening to, and writing music together.
After sifting through their high school demos, the group headed to Birdland Studios in early 2014 to work with Rob Long (Shihad, Cosmic Psychos, Redcoats) to record and mix their debut EP.
After launching the first single I Don't Mind the band have played regular gigs around Melbourne, including a 5 week residency at Cherry Bar. Black Acid is the second offering from their forthcoming EP "Superpsycho", out late 2014.
Listen here:

Heavy rock from Tasmania, here´s Verticoli

Inspired by the deep grooves, heavy riffs and introspective lyrics of 90's alternative rock, Verticoli carry a simple ethos of delivering fun, fierce and energetic indie rock that's rough around the edges.  
Forming in 2012, Verticoli have become a fixture on the local live scene renowed for delivering high intensity and dynamic shows. Their self-produced, self-titled EP offered a first taste into the band's thrilling DIY aesthetic quickly followed by single, 'Ghosts' which recieved a strong reception from radio across the country.
Armed with new single, 'DFA' Verticoli seem an unstoppable force bound to streamroll their way to the top with the same ferocious drive that makes this single a cut above the rest. 
Listen to "DFA" here:

The Blue Van with new single Illusion available now

Yes yes yes, you have all heard The Blue Van story… this band went to kindergarden together and started the band at the age of 12 because they heard Jimi Hendrix for the first time on a TV commercial. That they also found an organ in a chicken coup, practiced in a deaf grandmothers basement, and are from a town of 200 people that doesn't even have a stop sign. The band is still in their 20's and have no signs of slowing down. 
The Blue Van´s new single "Illusion" is out now, listen here:

Sherlock Brothers - Monkey made nation

Sherlock Brothers - Monkey made nation (2014) Ninetone Records
Produced by Patrik Frisk
Tracks : 1.You´re in 2.My way 3.Control 4.Rise up 5.Anger management 6.Cure and curse 7.Beautiful 8.Last night on Earth 9.Sinkhole 10.On my own 11.Desire
3 out of 5

Swedish rock band Sherlock Brothers doesn´t take any chances and continues to deliver safe postgrunge flavored modern rock on their 2nd album "Monkey made nation", soundwise like a Siamese twin to their debut "Black cat tango" from 2011.
The music is well performed but we´ve heard this so many times before and I do think the songs on their first album is stronger, but still we get a good rocking album that shouldn´t disappoint fans of the debut. The single "Beautiful" is one of most poppy songs on the album along with "My way" that sounds like Nickelback meets Katy Perry.
I prefer songs like "Rise up" and "On my own" where the band rocks hard.
For fans of 12 Stones, Fivefold and Alter Bridge

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hellion Rising - Eight of swords

Hellion Rising - Eight of swords (2014) Independent
Produced by Hellion Rising
Tracks : 1.With bricks of bone and blood as mortar 2.The beast 3.Wretch nailed tongue 4.Bereavement of the chimes 5.Goat charmer 6.Just tonight
2 out of 5

You can easily be mistaken by a band´s sound when you look at their album cover, take for example U.K metallers Hellion Rising´s 2nd EP "Eight of swords" that looks like it could be something for Venom fans. Both with their bandname and artwork, but these guys deliver a blend of groove metal, stoner rock and classic heavy metal. They are influenced by Pantera, The Sword, Five Finger Death Punch and Iron Maiden to name a few.
The music is ok but their singer Matt Adamson is their weak link here, they should´ve needed a powerhouse singer instead of Matt´s grungy voice.
There is one track that stands out and that´s "Bereavement of the chimes", with Trouble-like riffs and tempo changes in the old Black Sabbath school, I´m more than happy to play this song loud.

Stream Marmozets debut album

The British rock band Marmozets debut album "The weird and wonderful" will be out on Sept 29th, you can now stream the entire album here:

Disciple release new video Radical from Attack

Tennessee rockers Disciple´s new album "Attack" is out now, this christian band posted their new video "Radical" below: