Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Angela Moyra - Fickle island

Angela Moyra - Fickle island (2014) Zip Records
Produced by Reyn Ouwehand
Tracks : 1.Nothing lasts 2.Emma´s island 3.Fickle 4.I won´t stop 5.Draw a picture 6.Hati Sakit 7.Little town by the sea 8.Bubbalu 9.Sand in my mouth 10.Poppin´ 11.Who knows tomorrow 12.Your name, my name
2 out of 5

In 2011, singer/songwriter Angela Moyra reached the finals of the prestigious "Grand Prize of The Netherlands" songwriting competition. She has now moved from her native The Netherlands to San Fransisco to perform a handful of dates in support of her debut album "Fickle island".
Angela´s influences come from jazz, 60´s pop and soul with artists like Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones, The Beach Boys and Dionne Warwick.
I think Angela has a lovely voice which is the highlight of the album but the songs are rather forgettable except for a few such as "I won´t stop" and the flirt with ragtime in "Bubbalu".
For fans of Shannon LaBrie, Lexie Roth, Tanita Tikaram.

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