Friday, September 26, 2014

Get your fuzz on with The Underhanded

Growing up in the Victorian coastal town of Angelsea was the perfect backdrop for the formation of The Underhanded.
From scorching hot summers to chilly seaside winters, the seasonal tourist town provided a landscape of extremes. Four school mates, with little passion for surfing, found a common interest in grunge and fuzz.
In various garages, the four spent hours listening to, and writing music together.
After sifting through their high school demos, the group headed to Birdland Studios in early 2014 to work with Rob Long (Shihad, Cosmic Psychos, Redcoats) to record and mix their debut EP.
After launching the first single I Don't Mind the band have played regular gigs around Melbourne, including a 5 week residency at Cherry Bar. Black Acid is the second offering from their forthcoming EP "Superpsycho", out late 2014.
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