Friday, September 26, 2014

Heavy rock from Tasmania, here´s Verticoli

Inspired by the deep grooves, heavy riffs and introspective lyrics of 90's alternative rock, Verticoli carry a simple ethos of delivering fun, fierce and energetic indie rock that's rough around the edges.  
Forming in 2012, Verticoli have become a fixture on the local live scene renowed for delivering high intensity and dynamic shows. Their self-produced, self-titled EP offered a first taste into the band's thrilling DIY aesthetic quickly followed by single, 'Ghosts' which recieved a strong reception from radio across the country.
Armed with new single, 'DFA' Verticoli seem an unstoppable force bound to streamroll their way to the top with the same ferocious drive that makes this single a cut above the rest. 
Listen to "DFA" here:

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