Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In Flames - Siren charms

In Flames - Siren charms (2014 Razzia Records
Produced by Daniel Bergstrand / Roberto Laghi / In Flames
Tracks : 1.In plain view 2.Everything´s gone 3.Paralyzed 4.Through oblivion 5.With eyes wide open 6.Siren charms 7.When the world explodes 8.Rusted nail 9.Dead eyes 10.Monsters in the ballroom 11.Filtered truth
3,5 out of 5

Sweden´s pride of melodic death metal, In Flames, has earned their spot of a no.1 album on the Swedish album chart with "Siren charms".
Their fans of the early material might think In Flames has sold out with this more modern and radio oriented sound but I see it like the band has moved on, but still with signs as pioneers of Gothenburg metal.
With 11 albums strong, this band has built a monumental catalogue of impressive songs where we now can add new IF favorites such as "Monsters in the ballroom", "When the world explodes", "Through oblivion" and "With eyes wide open".
Great work lads.

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