Thursday, September 18, 2014

Polaris Rose release new single Perfect view from upcoming album

Polaris Rose's new single "Perfect View" overflows with shambolic energy, a combination of molten compounds that combust with consistently flowing energy. Thunderous guitars and signature harmonies pound alongside the relentless, percussive assault of the drums. It's a track where vulnerability and positivity come together effortlessly, taking a lyrical story of change and uncertainty and allowing the words to crash into you, full of meaning and reflection. Like almost every song they touch, there are equal parts joy and discord lining the lyrics and instrumentation in a way that continues to keep their listener guessing, producing an emotive response.

Check out Polaris Rose on their newest single, "Perfect View," now.  With their debut full-length album, "Telescopes" due out in November of this year, we've only seen the beginning of Polaris Rose!

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