Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sleepwave - Broken compass

Sleepwave - Broken compass (2014) Epitaph Records
Produced by David Bendeth
Tracks : 1.Paper planes 2.Rock and roll is dead and so am I 3.Inner body revolt 4.The wolf 5.Hold up my head 6.Whole again 7.Disgusted, disguised 8.Replace me 9.Repeat routine 10.Through the looking glass 11.Broken compass
4 out of 5

Spencer Chamberlain´s former band Underoath might be over but it ain´t over for frontman Spencer who continues to release top quality metal with his new band Sleepwave.
Sleepwave are Spencer Chamberlain - Vocals/Guitars/Programming (Underoath) and Stephen Bowman - Guitars/Bass/Keyboards, and they deliver electronic oriented rock/metal that would fit in just fine on any Underworld Soundtrack album.
This might be a broken compass but if the band just follow this direction, they´re headed the right way for sure. Sleepwave aren´t lost at all, I feel right at home with their debut album. Oh yes!
For fans of Filter, White Noise Owl, Nine Inch Nails

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