Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soulbender - II

Soulbender - II (2014) Rat Pak Records
Produced by Soulbender
Tracks : 1.Turn anger up 2.Shoal 3.Slave to reality 4.Seraphim 5.Fix me 6.Clockwork and compass 7.Rabbit hole 8.The American dream 9.Samsara 10.Prime time 11.Shoot poem 12.This ocean 13.Hunger 14.Three towers
3 out of 5

The 2004 debut from Soulbender is re-released and remastered by Rat Pat Records with 4 brand new tracks, this side project featuring guitarist Michael Wilton of Queensryche is truly overlooked and deserves a second chance.
Their dark and bluesy hard rock has both muscles and sting, I still dig songs like "Clockwork and compass", "Three towers" and "Samsara" but it´s the new stuff that gets my motor running for sure.
The opener "Turn anger up" is heavy rock with the capital H, the following "Shoal" is a fave and sounds a bit like King´s X in a grunge mood. The 3rd new track "Slave to reality" is more traditional rock/metal with quite an average chorus, however the last new rocker "Seraphim" comes like a fresh wind of the orient with Tony Iommi-like riffs.
For fans of Rough Cutt, Jibe and Dropbox.

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