Friday, October 31, 2014

Arrows At Dawn working on new record

Arrows At Dawn was formed in 2008 and hit the ground running. Releasing the debut full length album in the fall of 2010, "Out of Touch" was played on radio stations from the Twin Cities to Boston. Tallahassee to San Francisco. Centering around tight rhythmic riffs, AAD has written their way into a musical realm that is both melodic and driven, while quickly becoming distinguished as one of the most energetic live performances hailing from the twin cities.
Arrows At Dawn are currently working on their new album with producer Wally J (Skywind, Vaudeville).
Check out music here:

From Contrast to Mobius, here´s Windowvine

Windowvine has been hitting the Minneapolis music scene since 2009 and opening an entire new dimension to music. With the music industry at an all time turn around, faces are looking for something fresh and musically intense. Over the last few years, Windowvine has developed their sound to culminate pop, rock, and progressive musical influences into one conglomerated sum. Their musical goal is to create a sound that not only captures the essence of emotion, but to create a complicated sound without convolution. Their 2011 release of their first EP “Contrast,” has shown just that.
The band is in the works of a follow up full length album entitled "Möbius." It tells the story of one man's struggle to find understanding and meaning in his experiences. In turn, his devout courage and resilience enables him to learn and pass it along to others. The album contains an array of sounds, instruments and styles. This album is sure to be more intelligent, more melodic, as well as heavier in some aspects all while creating diversity between one song to the next.

Whither The Tide with The Lunar Phase Vol.1 and Vol.2

Whither the Tide was formed in 2009 by guitarist Sean Hill and vocalist Jeremy Montoya, once of Minneapolis metal band Buried by Hope. The lineup was later completed by Richard Zasada, once of Skywind and Buried by Hope, when he replaced original drummer Jonathan Nelson in November 2010. All members were veterans of the Minneapolis hard rock and metal scene.
In July 2012 the band's debut album, The New Chemical, was released. The album's subject matter is an introspective by Vocalist Jeremy Montoya on how the adoption of new technologies and social mediums has changed himself and those around him. 

Whither the Tide as it is debuted opening for Filter in November of 2010. They have since shared the stage with Skywind, Middle Class Rut, The Dreaming, Future Leaders of the World, Vaudeville, Tepetricy, Blue Felix, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Emergent and many others. 
Their latest release "The Lunar Phase Vol.1" is out now and the band is currently working on Vol.2.
Listen to the new song "The Matador".

There For Tomorrow - Nightscape

There For Tomorrow - Nightscape (2014) Independent
Produced by There For Tomorrow
Tracks : 1.Nightscape 2.Lady in black 3.Dark purple sky 4.Racing blood 5.Breathe easy 6.Tomb 7.Lady in black (acoustic)
2 out of 5

If it didn´t say There For Tomorrow on the album cover, you would never have guessed it´s the same band because their new EP "Nightscape" has a completely new sound compared to their previous work.
The music is more ambient and poppy, there´s no arguing with the band being influenced by Thirty Seconds To Mars and Falling Up which is a good thing but why in the hell did they have to add the Bruno Mars syrup-like R&B to mess it all up?
I get it why they want move on and develop as a band, this is unfortunately in the wrong direction.

Too Close To Touch - Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch - Too Close To Touch (2014) Epitaph Records
Produced by Erik Ron
Tracks : 1.The deep end 2.Perfect world 3.Poisons 4.Won´t you listen
2,5 out of 5

The members of the Kentucky based Too Close To Touch have been playing together since 2012, they recently signed with Epitaph Records for the release of their self titled EP.
The debut full length will follow in 2015 so what are we dealing with here then? Well, these guys sound like a boyband version of a 2nd division theatrical rock band. Take away the screamo parts and turn down the guitars in the mix and you´ll have a possible One Direction song.
"Perfect world" is a great song but I wonder which audience they are reaching out for? This is too heavy for pop fans and too poppy for hardcore lovers.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review no.6000!

Blue Cow Kent announces 5th member and keyboard player Johan Chasseur (formerly known as Lindström) to the line up. Johan was a member of Motherlode in the mid 80´s (2nd from the right on the pic) and later joined Stage Dolls as their touring keyboardist in 1989 on the U.S tour as a support to Blue Murder and Faster Pussycat. In the early 90´s, he joined forces with Lifeline and played on their 1993 EP "Anyway you want it". After a long time of being away from the music scene, Johan co-wrote the song "Ancient Continents" on the first BCK album Phantom Cathedral, but will now play on all songs on the upcoming album and contribute with his songwriting skills.

I know this next one sound unbelievable but my review of The Bunny Gang - Thrive was the 6000th review since I started writing in 2001 for It´s crazy!

Today my blog Palace of Rock reached 3,226,391 views. Killer stats! WOW!
A big thank you to my friend Philippe Valleix who contribute with a lot of new artists via e-mail and then I post them here.
And to all of you who visit my blog, YOU ROCK!

The Bunny Gang - Thrive

The Bunny Gang - Thrive (2014) Hardline Entertainment
Produced by Ryan Hewitt
Tracks : 1.The Reckoning 2.Sirens through the city 3.Illegal market 4.Thrive 5.Beach coma 6.Waves 7.We are the ones 8.Uprise underground 9.Pave the way 10.Running 11.Canoe dub
4 out of 5

The Los Angeles based The Bunny Gang sound more British than most British bands today, it´s like turning back time to 1978 when new wave had taken over the streets and the songs on this album "Thrive" were written but locked away till now.
Led by Flogging Molly bassplayer Nathen Maxwell on Lead Vocals and Guitar, this band has created an album that has every chance of becoming a modern classic.
They are influenced by The Clash and Bob Marley which is quite obvious when you listen to "Thrive" but I would like to add artists like The Police and The Jam into the mix as well.
There ain´t a single bad track on this record, you could easily believe that it´s a Best of compilation but it´s not. The screaming guitars in the instrumental "Waves" feels so vital and only makes this band sound alive, I really love all tracks but if I´m forced to pick out 3 and I will go for "Uprise underground", "Beach coma" and "The reckoning".

Simon Neil debut solo track To the bone

Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro debuts solo track "To the bone" under the monicker ZZC.
Listen here:

Stream Simple Minds new album Big Music

Simple Minds long awaited new album "Big music" will be out in November but you can already get an exclusive stream at:

Plan Three returns with new single and new album

Plan Three are back! 3 years has passed since their latest EP "The Signal, Part 1" but on Nov 5th their brand new single "When everything comes to an end" will be out.
The song is taken from their forthcoming album "Wish I was storm borne" (out Feb 25th, 2015).
Get a sneak preview of the single here:

Ground Level Falcons - The Revealor Side A

Ground Level Falcons - The Revealor Side A (2014) Electric Soil Recordings
Produced by Ground Level Falcons
Tracks : 1.Light that gasoline 2.Make it out to me 3.Top of the mountain 4.Eyes or headlights? 5.The Revealor 6.Light of day (acoustic)
3,5 out of 5

The Canadian band Ground Level Falcons has a new member, Angela Power contribute with some really nice piano pieces at the ending of almost each song on their new EP "The Revealor Side A".
Side B will follow in 2015 and I like the more colorful sound with female vocals added in the harmonies, but the spotlights are all on lead singer Matt Gardiner here. What a great voice he has.
I liked their previous self titled album from 2012 but the new EP is stronger, I have listened to it 3 days in a row now and I find new things in the music all the time.
I´ve said it before but I can say it again, this band truly sounds like R.E.M meets Matthew Good.
Bring us Side B now ya hear!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Starbynary - Dark passenger

Starbynary - Dark passenger (2014) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Peter Pahor
Tracks : 1.Before the dawn 2.Dawn of evil 3.Dark passenger 4.Blood 5.Reflections 6.Codex 7.The ritual - modus operandi 8.My enemies 9.Look around, turn away 10.The end begins
2,5 out of 5

The Italian band Starbynary find their inspiration in the TV series Dexter and the universe, looks like there could be something interesting in their debut album "Dark passenger".
They sound a bit like if Tony Mills (ex.TNT) would join a band with members of Sonata Arctica and Superior, we get high pitched vocals and classic powermetal with some elements of modern prog and even 70´s hard rock.
Starbynary are excellent musicians but not the best songwriters I´ve heard in this genre, I appreciate the heavier approach and the Rainbow-like pieces that gives this musical journey a push.
It´s not bad but it´s not great either.

No Devotion release new single 10.000 summers

No Devotion features former members of Lost Prophets, their new single "10.000 summers" is available now.

Listen to Bloody creature poster girl with In This Moment

In This Moment´s new album "Black widow" will be out on Nov 17th, if you pre-order the album on iTunes you will get an instant download of the tracks "Big bad wolf", "Sick like me" and "Bloody creature poster girl". Listen to the latter song here:

Featherface release new single Make U Mine

Psych pop/rock band Featherface have teamed up with Culture Collide to premiere their new song "Make U Mine" today! Featherface is currently in New York City performing at the CMJ Music Marathon; this is their first year attending as an official CMJ act. Listen to "Make U Mine" here

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Like Monroe - Things we think but never speak

Like Monroe - Things we think but never speak (2014) Good Fight Music
Produced by Drew Fulk
Tracks : 1.Roswell 2.The hills 3.Black lungs 4.So beautiful 5.Changing lanes 6.We will all prevail 7.Prison flood 8.Circle the drain 9.Crow´s nest 10.The enemy 11.Strange lips
3 out of 5

Houston based Like Monroe´s debut album "Things we think but never speak" gives the listener a dose of modern metal like a blend of melodic metalcore, symphonic numetal and even pop choruses.
Imagine Linkin Park meets Bring Me The Horizon with a touch of Destrophy and you´ll get Like Monroe.
It´s a solid and well produced album but hardly unique, you can bang your head and singalong to several songs but I miss that special something that makes this band stand out.
Don´t count them out just yet, I will keep them under my radar because great things can come from this band.
Highlights : "The hills", "Circle the drain".

Neonfly are strangers in paradise

The British symphonic metal band Neonfly will release their new album "Strangers in paradise" on Nov 28th, listen to the new single "Heart of the sun" here:

3 Years Hollow release new video For life

Rock/metal band 3 Years Hollow has released a new video "For life" feat. Clint Lowery, the song is taken from their latest album "The cracks".

Punk rockers Dear You release new EP I can only blame myself

Dear You is a punk rock band from South East Texas, their new "I can only blame myself" EP is available now, check out the lyric video "Castles" at:

Wake from eternal sleep with Like Thieves

The progressive alternative rock band Like Thieves has released a new video "Wake from eternal sleep" from their latest EP "Autumn´s twilight".

Deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin´s IV out now

From Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition) - Led Zeppelin's remastered forth album will include additional companion audio with unreleased studio outtakes.
Listen to an alternate mix of "Rock and roll" here:

Stream 9 Fake Reasons debut album Days of downfall

9 Fake Reasons are an alternative metal band from France, their debut album "Days of downfall" is out now. You can stream the album here:

Jomo From Kajiado show their hideaway

Jomo From Kajiado are an alternative rock band with members from Germany and Russia, their new single "Hideaway" is available as free download here:

Marilyn Manson give away new song Third day of a seven day binge

Marilyn Manson is currently working on a new studio album, get a first taste with the new song "Third day of a seven day binge". Also available as free download at:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sleeperstar release EP from Lost Machines

Sleeperstar´s new album "Lost Machines" will be out on Nov 18th, the band however decided to release 2 songs from the album already on Oct 28th.
"When I was a boy" and "Forget you now" is out tomorrow as an EP from LM.

New EP with Open Air Stereo available for streaming

Despite their heavy tour schedule in 2013-14, Open Air Stereo took time to partner with producers Neil Avron (Switchfoot, Linkin Park) and Peter Stengaard (James Durbin, Donna Summer) to produce a 6-song EP that will be released in fall 2014 through STRZ – The Label. 
Stream the EP here:

MuteMath goes to India

New Orleans based rock band MuteMath are heading to India on tour, the band also posted an alternate version of "In no time" here:

Light You Up always wanting more

Light You Up are an alternative rock band from U.K, their debut album "All we´ve ever known" will be released on Jan 26th.
Listen to the first single "Always wanting more" here:

Breaking Grace on the redemption road

The hard rock band "BREAKING GRACE" from Temperance, Michigan are currently getting ready for their debut release Redemption Road, The 12 tracks disc was recorded at The Loft in Saline Mi, with Andy and Tim Patalan (Taproot). 
Check out the album track "Right kind of wrong" below.
The single "California bound" and the album "Redemption road" is available on iTunes.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Get a sample of the upcoming album from Shaka Ponk

The crazy French rock band Shaka Ponk will release their new album "The black pixel ape" on Nov 3rd, listen to a snippet of the new song "The way out" here:

Stars And The Sky release new EP Claudetur

Stars And The Sky are a rock band based out of Columbus, Ohio. Their new EP "Claudetur" is released in October and you can listen to the first single "Demons" at:

The reality for Loveless

Loveless are an alternative rock band from U.K, their new EP "Hollow faith" will be out in November. Listen to the first single "The reality" here:

Hardcore Superstar release new single Glue

Hardcore Superstar worked with Joe Barresi on their new single "Glue", the song is taken from their forthcoming album.
Crank it up.

Future Leaders of The World reveal Not forsaken

Future Leaders of the World’s forthcoming full-length, Reveal, will be released in Spring 2015 Via Pavement Music/SONY RED.
Get a taste with their new single "Not forsaken".

Wolf Gang - Alveron

Wolf Gang - Alveron (2014) Cherrytree Records
Produced by Flood
Tracks : 1.Now I can feel it 2.Into the fire 3.Black river 4.Back to life 5.Underneath the night 6.Lay your love down 7.Last Bayou 8.Ghost in my life 9.Frozen lands 10.Killing kind 11.Alveron
3,5 out of 5

London based Wolf Gang are slowly putting their name on the charts, they got what it takes to make it big. Their debut album "Suego faults" was released in 2011 and now they follow up with the impressive "Alveron".
There are several songs with hitpotential here such as "Black river", "Lay your love down" and "Into the fire", I bet Grammy Award winning producer Flood had something to do with making the band shine.
But if you are looking for more symphonic electro pop, you´re gonna love "Last Bayou" and the title track "Alveron". They sound a bit like Ultravox meets Snow Patrol with a touch of U2.
The album of the week here at Palace of Rock.

Nubian Rose - Mental Revolution

Nubian Rose - Mental Revolution (2014) Cargo Records
Produced by Christer Åkerlund
Tracks : 1.War 2.Time again 3.Illuminated within 4.The eye 5.Tough guys don´t dance 6.Break out 7.Higher 8.You will never walk alone 9.(Taking this) Further 10.All of your love
3 out of 5

Swedish hard rock band Nubian Rose´s debut album "Mountain" (2012) received a lot of praise in the press, I only heard two singles from the album but I thought they were good.
Perhaps I expected more of an AOR oriented album with their follow up "Mental Revolution", but this is mainly a guitar driven hard rock affair with dynamite vocals from Sofia Lilja. She is truly a great singer.
The more melodic tracks comes at the end of the album with "Higher", "You will never walk alone" and "(Taking this) Further". Bandleader/guitarist/producer/songwriter Christer Åkerlund is very talented and he knows the importance of a dynamic sound.
The production is big and clear too which isn´t so strange since Tobias Lindell (Europe) mixed the album, I don´t mind listening to "Mental Revolution" more from the explosive opener "War" to my favorite "You will never walk alone".
For fans of Talisman, Tindrum, TNT.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Metal Machine - Free nation

Metal Machine - Free nation (2014) Dream Records
Produced by Csaba Zvekan
Tracks : 1.Skull bones 2.Nailed to the cross 3.Detox 4.Morning star 5.World of temptation 6.Hellraiser 7.Lord of war 8.Black sun 9.Free nation
2 out of 5

Who found an unreleased heavy metal album from 1983? Nah, Metal Machine could be lost recordings from over 30 years ago but the album "Free nation" ain´t.
This is Exorcism singer Csaba Zvekan´s solo project with Csaba himself handling all vocals, keyboards and additional rhythm guitars. Helping out is Pierre Andre Mougenot on guitars and drum programming, together they have created an album so full of steel that Magneto could taste it from the other side of the planet.
It´s such a shame that the bass must have fallen out of the mix because the production is rather flat, the songs however will please any fan of Accept or Mercyful Fate.
You won´t find any traces of pop in here, just good ol´ metal.

The Color Morale - Hold on pain ends

The Color Morale - Hold on pain ends (2014) Fearless Records
Produced by Mike Green
Tracks : 1.Damnaged 2.Outer demons 3.Prey for me 4.Lifeline 5.Scar issue 6.Suicide stigma 7.The ones forgotten by the one forgetting 8.Developing negative 9.Is happiness a mediocre sin 10.Between you and eye 11.Throw your roses 12.Hold on pain ends
3,5 out of 5

New album, new label and a new producer for The Color Morale. Frontman Garret Rapp and Co have become a strong force to be reckoned with in the post hardcore scene.
Their 4th album "Hold on pain ends" is even better than their previous "Know hope" (2013) that I really liked too, there´s a lot of attack in the guitar riffs from Devin King and Aaron Saunders on these new songs. Just listen to "Lifeline" and you´ll know what I mean.
Producer Mike Green (All Time Low, Pierce The Veil) did an amazing job on the album, giving the band a crispy but heavy sound.
Highlights : "Outer demons", "Lifeline", "Scar issue".

Metro Station turns their music into gold

Metro Station´s new "Gold" EP is available on iTunes now, listen to the title track here:

SkyHarbor release new single Patience from upcoming album

SkyHarbor´s new album "Guiding lights" will be out on Nov 10th, listen to the first single "Patience" below:

A common mistake for The Bad Years

The Bad Years are an LA-based band consisting of members Sami Akbari and Aaron Mort. Their music spans genres from different eras, evoking sounds of bands like INXS, The Cardigans and The Kills. They have started things off with a Double A-side single, the haunting yet upbeat "Common Mistake," and "Didn't Need to Know", a middle-finger anthem to our naive attempts at coolness when we were young. Both tracks were produced by The Bad Years, recorded at their Thai Town home studio and at Swing House Studios, and mastered by Brian Lucey (Chet Faker, Arctic Monkeys, Delta Spirit).
Listen here: