Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crazy Lixx - Crazy Lixx

Crazy Lixx - Crazy Lixx (2014) Frontiers Records
Produced by Danny Rexon / Andy Zata
Tracks : 1.Hell raising women 2.Sound of the loud minority 3.Outlaw 4.Girl of the 80´s 5.I missed the mark 6.All looks no hooks 7.Ain´t no rest in rock´n´roll 8.Call to action 9.Heroes are forever 10.Wrecking ball crew
3 out of 5

The self titled 4th album from Swedish sleazerock band Crazy Lixx should be a real treat for fans of hairmetal bands like Warrant, Black´n´blue and Firehouse.
The 80´s vibes are all over this album with big AOR choruses and L.A metal, in those days when videos were made of half-naked women and posing rock stars.
Grunge did it´s best to kill this genre and almost succeeded but when bands like Crazy Lixx keep going with their sunset strip attitude, you know there´s room for this party-like music.
If you just disregard all the cliche´s in the lyrics, all you get is some good time rock and roll that will make your Friday nights a lot easier to get through.
Best tracks : "Girl of the 80´s" and "Heroes are forever".

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