Saturday, October 18, 2014

Davenport Cabinet - Damned renegades

Davenport Cabinet - Damned renegades (2014) Equal Vision Records
Produced by Davenport Cabinet
Tracks : 1.41 15´22.0"N 2.Everyone surrounding 3.Aneris 4.Bulldozer 5.In orbit 6.Sorry for me 7.74 21´31.7"N 8.Students of disaster 9.Damned renegades 10.Glass balloon 11.Missing pieces 12.Graves of the great war
3 out of 5

Travis Stever of Coheed and Cambria´s solo project Davenport Cabinet goes from soft prog to classic rock with one foot in 70´s and the other in the 90´s. Their 5th release "Damned renegades" ain´t as complex as Coheed and Cambria but there is some resemblance, otherwise the music bring thoughts to Steven Wilson meets Edwin (I Mother Earth) with a touch of 70´s band Pilot.
Travis share the lead vocal duties with Tyler Klose and they complete each other, I can´t say I can point out any songs that gives me the goosebumps but it´s an even album.
So called ear candy for fans of alternative prog.
Highlights : "Bulldozer", "Students of disaster"

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