Sunday, October 12, 2014

Devil City Angels feat members of Cinderella, Poison and L.A Guns

It doesn't get any more original than Devil City Angels. Devil City Angels formed in June, 2014 with plans to tour all across the country. 

This phenomenal super group promises an energetic, entertaining show with some of their multi-platinum hits blended with new, original material. This powerhouse draws new fans, along with the existing loyal fans of their combined projects, to love their electrifying performance and songs.
This stellar artist line up also features founding members of Poison, Cinderella and LA Guns.

Right out of the gate, Devil City Angels released the rocking, upbeat song "All My People" followed by “I’m Living”, “Bad Decisions” and “No Angels.” The band has plans to release a CD spring of 2015. 
Listen or download songs here:

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