Friday, October 31, 2014

From Contrast to Mobius, here´s Windowvine

Windowvine has been hitting the Minneapolis music scene since 2009 and opening an entire new dimension to music. With the music industry at an all time turn around, faces are looking for something fresh and musically intense. Over the last few years, Windowvine has developed their sound to culminate pop, rock, and progressive musical influences into one conglomerated sum. Their musical goal is to create a sound that not only captures the essence of emotion, but to create a complicated sound without convolution. Their 2011 release of their first EP “Contrast,” has shown just that.
The band is in the works of a follow up full length album entitled "Möbius." It tells the story of one man's struggle to find understanding and meaning in his experiences. In turn, his devout courage and resilience enables him to learn and pass it along to others. The album contains an array of sounds, instruments and styles. This album is sure to be more intelligent, more melodic, as well as heavier in some aspects all while creating diversity between one song to the next.

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