Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Interview with Brezhnev Society

Brezhnev Society is a Nashville based duo blending elements of electronica, shoe gaze, and pop to ultimately usher the listener into their world. With their shared passion for cold war era propaganda and scifi, Todd Evans and Jason Halbert's initial offering is a concept recording that loosely reimagines what kind of music might have emerged had the cold war ended differently.
Soviet-era keyboards, electronic beats and lush vocals  lay the groundwork for this collection of songs that move between gritty anthemic pieces and intimate melodic fares. Through stories of love, loss, and revolution, a soundtrack emerges that challenges the status quo and calls the listener to something more.

1.I just have to ask this, I miss Atticus Fault. Will there be another AF album in the future?
Todd Evans-You never know. There’s always a chance we may release some new songs in the future for download periodically. There is also a song or two from the Jay Joyce sessions that we never released.
2.It feels like the subject of outer space in rock music is coming back with artists like Starset, Angels and Airwaves, Star One and your new project.What are your favorite space rock albums?
Todd-I consider “Spiritualized: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space” one of my favorites that definitely influenced me… even though I suppose some people may not consider that traditional space rock. Then there’s the traditional Pink Floyd. And I have to say, bands like M83 and Mogwai have been bringing those elements forward as well.
3.Is your musical creation The Golden Sounds put on ice at the moment or will there be more albums as TGS?
Todd-There will always be more from The Golden Sounds. It is sort of my diary and it loves to take on new life as time passes. I’ll probably be 90 still putting out TGS stuff.
4.Brezhnev Society is your most electronic endevours so far, what is your relation to synthmusic?
Todd-The old analog synths, especially, feel like they exist between the organic and the otherworldly. Probably the most influential album that allowed me to experience synth music differently when I was in college was David Bowie’s Low album. It felt so raw and stripped back but so spacey and mysterious. I had it on a cassette tape and wore it out in my car. I fell in love with it. Which lead me on a journey to everything from Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, and New Order to Aphex Twin, Moby… it just snowballed from there. But don't worry, I'm still a rocker.
5.Do you think we ever will make contact with alien life forms?
Todd-Who is to say we haven’t already? There are a lot of interesting stories out there as you dig into those questions. Everyone from Astronauts to the Military to Public Officials have been on record discussing experiences.
At the very least.. I definitely believe there is intelligent life out there and at some point it is possible we will have a defining moment of contact. (Did I dumb down my answer enough to not sound like a conspiracy theorist?)
6.Would you participate in the manned mission to Mars in 2024, knowing it´s a one way ticket?
Todd-I would love to say yes. But who am I kidding. I am fine just making the soundtrack for their journey. Call me up when we have large spacious ships, artificial gravity and a colony established… which actually may not be that far away.
7.I love your first single "Falling sky", what are lyrics about?
Todd-What do you think they are about? Brezhnev Society would love to hear your interpretation and see how you apply it to your community. Join us. We are looking out for you.

1.How come you started to collaborate with Todd Evans on Brezchnev Society?
Jason Halbert-we discovered a mutual interest in sci-fi, music, and awkwardness around other humans, so we decided to collaborate.
2.Soundwise, the music is quite far from the artists you worked with in the past like Kelly Clarkson, Newsboys and Matt Redman. Are you a true electronic nerd that seek the highs in synthpop albums from Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby and New Order?
Jason-I´m afraid my love for synth music isn’t even as cool as the influences you listed, other than Thomas Dolby. My synth heroes are Nick Rhodes and Howard Jones.
3.I love the atmospheric sounds of your new single "Falling sky", it has a perfect mix of 80´s synth and indie-flavored space rock.Will you and Todd only release singles or will there be a full length album coming from Brezchnev Society?
Jason-well, thank you! there are definitely more songs coming. we’re still trying to decipher some of the transmissions we have received though. our current technology makes faithful re-renderings of the data a bit cumbersome.
4.I think it´s cool that your Facebook page is filled with lots of info regarding the cold war era and historical space events.It´s rather remarkable that Russia and U.S can share the International Space Station together but they can´t share the planet. What are your thoughts?
Jason-ultimately i think that the two former empires are sharing the planet more than most think. it’s very interesting when we dig a bit deeper.
5.So, what do you think of Todd Evans former band Atticus Fault. You know he´s already made his first trip to Mars in 2002?
Jason- don’t think i’ve ever listened to Atticus Fault. i probably should at some point. however, i am a huge fan of The Golden Sounds. it’s on regular rotation on my iTunes playlists.
6.Besides Brezchnev Society. What artists have you been working with lately?
Jason-I’ve been working on Kelly Clarkson’s latest record, as well as another side project called RAND().
7.Are you a morning person or a night guy?
Jason-I am a night person. which eventually transitions into early morning. so I guess i’m a late night-early morning person.

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