Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kill It Kid - You owe nothing

Kill It Kid - You owe nothing (2014) Sire Records
Produced by Julian Raymond
Tracks : 1.Black it out 2.High class 3.Sick case of loving you 4.Caroline 5.Tired of the way you want to live 6.Blood stop and run 7.Cheap revival 8.Hurts to be loved by you 9.I´ll be the first 10.Don´t it feel good 11.Tried, used, loved, abused 12.Law of love
4 out of 5

There are bands that are aiming for either world domination or the be gone, stay gone league. They are just too good to be caught in the middle, U.K based Kill It Kid are such a band!
They´ve got a unique sound of dirty rocknroll, raw delta blues and grunge. After two independent albums, Kill It Kid signed with Sire Records for the release of their 3rd album "You owe nothing" and it´s absolutely stellar.
You will find some White Stripes in there but also The Black Keys, there are also moments when I think of a lighter KoRn if they would play Led Zep-ish blues.
It´s all about the songs and not just overnight hits, this is an album band and I just have to say that you gotta have the whole thing, all 12 songs.
Get into the groove baby.

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