Saturday, October 25, 2014

Metal Machine - Free nation

Metal Machine - Free nation (2014) Dream Records
Produced by Csaba Zvekan
Tracks : 1.Skull bones 2.Nailed to the cross 3.Detox 4.Morning star 5.World of temptation 6.Hellraiser 7.Lord of war 8.Black sun 9.Free nation
2 out of 5

Who found an unreleased heavy metal album from 1983? Nah, Metal Machine could be lost recordings from over 30 years ago but the album "Free nation" ain´t.
This is Exorcism singer Csaba Zvekan´s solo project with Csaba himself handling all vocals, keyboards and additional rhythm guitars. Helping out is Pierre Andre Mougenot on guitars and drum programming, together they have created an album so full of steel that Magneto could taste it from the other side of the planet.
It´s such a shame that the bass must have fallen out of the mix because the production is rather flat, the songs however will please any fan of Accept or Mercyful Fate.
You won´t find any traces of pop in here, just good ol´ metal.

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