Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nubian Rose - Mental Revolution

Nubian Rose - Mental Revolution (2014) Cargo Records
Produced by Christer Åkerlund
Tracks : 1.War 2.Time again 3.Illuminated within 4.The eye 5.Tough guys don´t dance 6.Break out 7.Higher 8.You will never walk alone 9.(Taking this) Further 10.All of your love
3 out of 5

Swedish hard rock band Nubian Rose´s debut album "Mountain" (2012) received a lot of praise in the press, I only heard two singles from the album but I thought they were good.
Perhaps I expected more of an AOR oriented album with their follow up "Mental Revolution", but this is mainly a guitar driven hard rock affair with dynamite vocals from Sofia Lilja. She is truly a great singer.
The more melodic tracks comes at the end of the album with "Higher", "You will never walk alone" and "(Taking this) Further". Bandleader/guitarist/producer/songwriter Christer Åkerlund is very talented and he knows the importance of a dynamic sound.
The production is big and clear too which isn´t so strange since Tobias Lindell (Europe) mixed the album, I don´t mind listening to "Mental Revolution" more from the explosive opener "War" to my favorite "You will never walk alone".
For fans of Talisman, Tindrum, TNT.

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