Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review no.6000!

Blue Cow Kent announces 5th member and keyboard player Johan Chasseur (formerly known as Lindström) to the line up. Johan was a member of Motherlode in the mid 80´s (2nd from the right on the pic) and later joined Stage Dolls as their touring keyboardist in 1989 on the U.S tour as a support to Blue Murder and Faster Pussycat. In the early 90´s, he joined forces with Lifeline and played on their 1993 EP "Anyway you want it". After a long time of being away from the music scene, Johan co-wrote the song "Ancient Continents" on the first BCK album Phantom Cathedral, but will now play on all songs on the upcoming album and contribute with his songwriting skills.

I know this next one sound unbelievable but my review of The Bunny Gang - Thrive was the 6000th review since I started writing in 2001 for It´s crazy!

Today my blog Palace of Rock reached 3,226,391 views. Killer stats! WOW!
A big thank you to my friend Philippe Valleix who contribute with a lot of new artists via e-mail and then I post them here.
And to all of you who visit my blog, YOU ROCK!

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