Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Color Morale - Hold on pain ends

The Color Morale - Hold on pain ends (2014) Fearless Records
Produced by Mike Green
Tracks : 1.Damnaged 2.Outer demons 3.Prey for me 4.Lifeline 5.Scar issue 6.Suicide stigma 7.The ones forgotten by the one forgetting 8.Developing negative 9.Is happiness a mediocre sin 10.Between you and eye 11.Throw your roses 12.Hold on pain ends
3,5 out of 5

New album, new label and a new producer for The Color Morale. Frontman Garret Rapp and Co have become a strong force to be reckoned with in the post hardcore scene.
Their 4th album "Hold on pain ends" is even better than their previous "Know hope" (2013) that I really liked too, there´s a lot of attack in the guitar riffs from Devin King and Aaron Saunders on these new songs. Just listen to "Lifeline" and you´ll know what I mean.
Producer Mike Green (All Time Low, Pierce The Veil) did an amazing job on the album, giving the band a crispy but heavy sound.
Highlights : "Outer demons", "Lifeline", "Scar issue".

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